September, 2016.

Oh busy busy September, you were interesting! This month I properly started as a volunteer for “Natteravnene” and I spent last Sunday taking a first aid course with some of the other colleagues from the organization. Although I took a first-aid course last year, I am honestly so glad that I took one more. You can never learn too much, right!? September was also the month my Master’s studies started and it’s been such an eye opener. The bar has been raised! It’s definitely harder than the Bachelor’s degree (which it should be!) but somehow that surprised me a bit haha. Anyway, I like it!

Also can we talk about the weather? Like, it has been so freaking warm this September I almost thought it was July… Rather confusing and I must admit that I got tired of the ever-changing weather in the end. I’m so glad that Autumn has finally arrived which means Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner 😀 In the beginning of September I graduated and got my diploma, after the graduation I went to have dinner with my mom, dad, grandma and Matt. I would have had more family members but we were only allotted a certain amount of seats at the graduation ‘ceremony’ so that limited me a bit.


You can just spot me in the back of the crowd next to my Bae Maiken 😀


Matt gave me this beautiful ring from Pandora as a graduation present. I love it! 😀


I had won a gift certificate to Jensen’s Bøfhus so Matt and I decided to cash that in


One of the evenings I went to Peter’s place to hang out with him and Dj (ehm, this is not his place this is the station next to it!)


I discovered that my favorite bowls now are available in green and blue colors… #wishes


I had dindins with my friend Magnus at Wagamama


Cannay’ go wrong with Chicken Katsu Curry and edamame beans


Things I’ve thought about:

» That I would have been with Richard for 4 years this month

» How proud I am of myself for making it through this past year and a half AND getting my degree!

» How lucky I am to have met such an amazing guy as Matt ❤️


Tips, faves and discoveries

» Last month WoW launched a new expansion and it’s pretty darn sweet

» Really been loving sweet potatoes this month, so yummy!

» I discovered this amazing south-korean movie “Hope” and I just can’t recommend it enough


I hope you’ve had a great September ?


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