I’ve got another confession to make

Seriously where did all the time go?
I feel like it was just Monday but now it’s already Thursday and MY GOD I am tired. I have never had this much homework before but in all fairness all that I’m being taught in these four weeks is usually taught to people through out an entire school year, so I guess it is no surprise that there’s so much to do. That’s why I’m not here a lot. I am simply too smashed when I get home and then I have to study, eat something { even though I at the moment live on cereal for dinner } and then I go to bed. I would love to say that next week it’ll be less hectic but truth is, it won’t. I won’t have a break until mid August when this course is done. I guess my Saturdays are my breaks now. Speaking of Saturdays… I’m going to a beach party sort of thing my best friend is hosting, I really hope it will have stopped raining by then. I hope you are all having a less busy time than I am and maybe even some vacation? Oh god I’d love to sit at the beach in Spain right now or any place really warm, gimme! Oh well time to relax a bit so have a good day ❤
(I’m actually done with homework for today, it’s a miracle!!)

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