It’s been a while folks

I have been rather much away from blogging lately. As I stated a while ago I had some personal things that I just have to deal with and I haven’t really had the need to blog so much. But I do miss it! I do. So what have I actually been upto? Truth is absolutely nothing!!! : D Well that is to say that I have just been in school, hanging with friends, shopping, playing wow, spending time with my family and oh I went to my first ice hockey game EVER here a week or two ago. I actually quite enjoyed ice hockey! My friend Trine’s boyfriend plays so I am going in two weeks again to support the team! I’m looking forward to that a lot :> Oh I have been watching SO MANY Disney movies lately I’m not quite sure what got me started on that but one day when I was extremely bored I decided to watch Pocahontas and then the whole wave began. I just finished watching Finding Nemo here five minutes ago. God I love that movie! Ellen Degeneres is brilliant as Dory and the whale-speaking scene cracks me up every time. Oh it’s my birthday soon as well so I am throwing a small, very small, family birthday for myself here at my tiny apartment : D We’re only gonna be around 8 people since well I think around 10 is max of what I should have around in my apartment else it’ll get way too crowded! So in exactly 10 days I’ll have to make two cakes and a lot of buns! It’s gonna be cozy I miss my parents but I am really glad to live by myself hahah.

I hope you all are having a good time. And I will slowly return to this world again. Loads of love!!!  xx



Quote of the day:
“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.”

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