… My brain tricks me to believe something is wrong, when there really isn’t anything wrong at all
I am at a public bathroom and I have to touch the door handles
… I look forward to listen to music on my ipod then realize it’s gonna run out of battery after one song
People lie to me or withhold the truth. Wouldn’t everyone prefer the truth no matter what?
… I am peeing and I realize I’ve run out of toilet paper
I think I have coins but all I have is bills and now I’ll end up with a billions coins instead
… Dentists tells me that I have done a good job. It is mandatory for them to say ;x
The water from the tab is hours about getting really cold
… People drop some food on the floor and eat it
I am left alone by the one person who shouldn’t leave me hanging by myself
… People say clowns are cute. HELLO they are freakishly scary!!


I had an urge to write some things I dislike. I dislike a lot more than that but that is a few things that was on my mind just now. I should probably write a really long disliking list at some point just for fun but I am sure this will do for now 😛 Do you agree with me on any of these things? Or maybe disagree? DO YOU LOVE CLOWNS!?!?!


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