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I can be random at times. And I haven’t written anything or posted anything here in a while and I’m too sick to bother right now. (sorry) So I’ll share a convo from facebook between J and myself.

Leah 07 de enero a las 0:20


Jonny 07 de enero a las 0:31
oh btw thats 2 kr for the swear jar.

Leah 07 de enero a las 0:41
yeah but what week is that? πŸ˜› and everyone knows when Vday is. it never moves!Yeah I havent been in school either. FRICK its not helping on my absent level hahaha. anyhorse I dont have fever today so its cool but i literally didnt sleep all night. I was actually crying.. yes.. I was crying. LIke a fricking little baby. I was like “pleeease stop pleeease let me sleep.. come on just stop with the coughing.. please* and cried like a child. I cough when I sit and lie. mostly if i lie then its ever minute. LITERALLY every minute… and its not even a joke its stupid. So im sitting most of the time, in my couch! then at 5 am still not sleeping I started coughing so much i threw up a lot hahah.. and cause i suck and didnt drink that much it kinda got stuck in my throat so I almost drowned o.O in puke so what did smart me do? I swallowed water and then forced myself to puke. mhm, it helped and it all got out.. i finally fell asleep cause I had no energy left at 9am i think it was.. then i woke at 3pm ..

eeeep. that was a wall of text haha πŸ˜€

ALSO it doesnt count towards the jar unless i swear here and also my coke bottle gets ma moneh πŸ™

Jonny 07 de enero a las 0:49
what week i dunno? we dont go by weekΒ  here! i guess i’ll count then.. week 7 is it? i dunno how your crazy shit works!

and that was a disturbing wall of text indeed, i didnt puke yet cos im not much of a puker. i cant even do the fingers down the throat to make myself sick thing. i just end up choking myself and nothing happens :@ i didnt sleep either. i was up all night watching movies and stuff. i watched Death Sentence for the second time and then realised that it is actually probably one of the best movies ever made ever. i got tears in my eyes like 4 times and almost bawwed. its so good! then i just watched tv shows. i havent left my bed for ages, thank god i have a laptop… i raided throne of the 4 winds from my bed using my mousepad on the laptop. im so cool. :/ / //

im not in trouble for not being in work tho cos apparently half of the office is off sick aswell which is good. for me anyway so i dont look like a big crybaby. and how can i trust you to put money in the swear jar under your own authority? I SO DONT.

Find out whateverthefuck week 7 is if thats even right and see if we can do valentines and if not we can do some other time when you’re not in space. we have supernatural to watch you know πŸ˜€

Leah 07 de enero a las 1:31
You suck then. I dont understand why people cant make themselves puke? its SO EASY. well sometimes it aint. But if I am having troubles then I try to think about a lot of hair stuck in my throat, that usually does it or I try to find a really bad smell. Crazy secret, if I have to pee and I also need to puke then if I cant puke Ill just pee and then the smell can help me puke hahah. GROSS. My ways can be gross but effective! Its not like I touch it lol!!! I JUST SMELL IT o.O ??

I’ve never seen that movie. When is it from? And I did nothing. I just stayed in my bed and cried like a child haha. So pathetic also cause im all alone so no one can hear my whining anyway.

I can’t even be bothered playing wow, in general tbh. I’ve reached the point where I’m not in a wow playing mood at all. Besides playing whilst im sick is SO bad. It makes me want to shoot myself in the eye. xxx( I’m sure I’ll want to play wow soon again anyway, thats how it always is. stupid addicting game of ….. /wave

hahah the swear jar will probably remain empty. I TOLD you its the coke bottle that gets the dough. THE DOUGH. I can’t start putting moneh everywhere, im not a tree.. (Not sure why tree was the right thing to say? but what the heck)

Im not in space? SPACE? is spain what space is? Cause if so I’ve been to space, twice. I’m well cool!! Also I tried to watch Supernatural and I did.. I saw like three episodes but it was creepy and I’m like a little girl I get too scared of shit like that so I cant watch it alone else I wont sleep πŸ˜€ I’m a silly spoon but thats how I roll in all fairness. So MAYBE. I’m not sure :<

What are you doing right now? I’m watching friends @ the TV. Two episodes on, considering throwing my own DVD box with friends on when the eps is done!

Jonny 07 de enero a las 1:39
I know what you mean, after coming home from yours it was like ugh. Now what, just play wow? noty. right now i am afking on wow talking to kris and not much else. and thats fantastic that you smell your own pee hahaha d;D:DD:D:

yes spain is space because i dont know spanish or anyone from spain. it is unfamiliar territory to me therefore it is space. denmark was space before i knew you. see how it works now? ooh and Death Sentence is from 2007. It sounds a bit cheesy if i describe it, but its about a dad with a family who is out with his son taking him home from a long trip and they stop off for some gas, and some thugs rob the place and kill his son. so he kinda goes out for revenge and shit hits the fan. sounds a bit meh i know but they film it so well there are some really emotional scenes which make you really sadface and URGH its so good.

and i know you’re too much of a ween to watch supernatural alone, so you’re gonna watch it with me! i’ve seen all of them already and im a big strong man so i can protect you from the monsters. deal?

did you know if “week 7” is a good week?

Leah 07 de enero a las 1:52
Yes I smell my pee if I can’t puke. SO WHAT. it helps me puke if I need it OKAY. At least I dont pee on my shoes, you know what they say you dont shit where you eat J. You dont shit where you eat..

I’m not sure about week 7 yet. I think I have vacation there but that might also be when shit is happening. I’ll figure out next week when I go to school. I should be fairly better this weekend. I’m having some girls over for brunch this Sunday so I better be well saturday, where I also might go for a drink or something with a friend of mine.

And… HAHAHAHAHAHAH you? strong man? :DDDD right. mhmm.. teehee! and maybe. Not sure I wanna see it πŸ™ I want misfits. NAOW

and yeah I see how that whole space thing works. It’s basically informing me that you are a first class retard. β™₯ And maybe I should find myself that movie. tho eeek im not the biggest fan of Kevin Bacon.. He has one of those faces I dont like lol. But kelly preston is cool and so is John goodman.. hmmm and 6.8 on imdb is fine.

Jonny 07 de enero a las 2:32
it is funny. maybe next you should start doing rate my poo πŸ˜€

HURR only joking. although i’d lol my ass off if you did but it might damage your credibility πŸ˜€

what are you gonna write anyway? “Today I tried to vom but I couldnt so I pissed everywhere then shoved my face in the piss. It helped, I vom’d. Success!”

:D:D sorry but i have a stupid imagination

Leah 07 de enero a las 2:34
TOTALLY not how it works… if you want the scoop then I just pee REGULARLY in the toilet and you know wipe so theres paper and all down there and then, cause well I already tried puking Ill flush and then the smell of pee will still linger for a little bit and THAT can make me puke. (when you puke you have to have your head fairly close to the toilet ELSE it gets everywhere but the toilet)

Jonny 07 de enero a las 2:38
ahahah HAHAHAAH these messages are making me want to make my own blog of how to sniff piss and vomit in a correct and orderly fasion. this could be the next big thing you know, forget those hangover tablets, just do a piss and sniff it.

Leah 07 de enero a las 2:39

S I C K.


Jonny 07 de enero a las 2:47
because i’ve been forcing myself to sleep all day so i dont have to suffer from horrible manflu :(:( why are YOU up so late? also why arent you on skype because fb messaging is annoying. its like we’re in 1998 emailing eachother. :@

Leah 07 de enero a las 2:50
hahahh you know.. we should EMAIL instead. YES YES YES kicking it old school. OR OR if we want to be even cooler then lets write letters!!!! or a telegram zomg!

–Β  that would be all… random yes.. and yes my facebook is set to spanish :U


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