A box can bring a smile

Yesterday I picked up a box from the post office. Technically these are part of my Birthday present as well. I used some of the money I got to purchase these babies. I can’t wait to begin! I bought the four first book of The Song of Ice and Fire which someone might know as Game of thrones from a new tv-show at HBO. I fell in love with the story when I saw the first episodes of the tv-show and began listening to the second {audio}book and figured I might as well get the first books. I found a great website that offered 138 DKK for those four books {it’s about 25 dollars} I also got Jane Austen’s seven novels her stories are some of my favorite I love the whole world she creates and the love she portrays in the stories and then, as you can see, I got Edgar Allan Poe… I don’t actually like poetry much but I do like his tales.

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