12 years a slave

I can’t wait to watch this movie. The story seems very captivating {and sad}, I almost cried during the trailer. I’m such a softy! Also what an amazing cast. I do quite like Fassbender!

Monday mumbles. {on a thursday!}


❤ 01. Hello there. It’s been rather quiet here of late. It’s summer and I’ve been a tad busy. Anyway, I’ve been up to a lot of different things. First of all I got a new job! Then my boyfriend and I had a well… rough patch? Ain’t that what they call it? We’re good now tho’. We are amazing! We went to a get-away hotel-spa thingy for Richard’s moms 60th Birthday. It was absolutely amazing and much needed. I was in Stockholm for almost two weeks just to relax. Now I’m back in Copenhagen and back at work.

❤ 02. So as mentioned I got another job. It’s another part-time job. I already have one at a library and now I’m happy to say I work in a baby store! It’s actually Denmark’s largest baby store, “Babysam”, and I basically know all about prams, strollers, pacifiers, toys, etc! Of course I have more to learn but I already know a whole lot. So if ya got any questions about baby gear you’re welcome to ask away.

❤ 03. Being in Sweden was really nice and I definitely needed a break. I will make a post with a lot of photos from the get-away at some point.

❤ 04. I won’t have much of a summer really. Not this year at least, cause’ I will be working pretty much all the time. I’ve asked for extra hours during the summer so I can make some extra money. I do not regret it but it will be a quiet summer. Hopefully I’ll travel more next summer!

What about you out there. Got any crazy cool summer plans?