Happy Halloween.

Hello awkward fire on my photo. But that’s what my creative mind had to offer for a Halloween photo this year. I think I went for a witch-sort-of-look. Or an evil Red Riding Hood mayhaps? None the less, Happy Halloween folks! I hope you’ll all have a very scary day

What’s Halloween to you?

In Denmark Halloween is not as big as it is in the states. But I still quite like it. It makes me want to dress up and carve a pumpkin. Most of all it makes me want to snuggle up in the couch and watch old school semi-scary movies. Such as Sleepy Hollow. Oh that movie is wonderful! What’s Halloween to you?

Weekend Wishlist #02: Fall Boots

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

I really want some new boots to go with my new jacket. Okay, let’s be honest… I just want some new boots! I have this thing about grey colors this year but I guess you can tell… Although I absolutely adore number two!!! It is so timelessly classic {and it’s not grey!}. But let us not kid ourselves all of these boots are gorgeous, or at least I think so. Have you bought any new boots recently? What sort of boots do you like?

I’m Not Mexican.

But boy do I love Mexican food! My boyfriend and I were in Roskilde the other day and we decided to stop by a cute Mexican restaurant, named Gringos, I’d been at with my father once many years ago. I loved the food and so did he. He’s actually pretty insane because he will eat a whole jar of jalapenos or chilies without sweating. I on the other hand would pass out if I did that. Anyway, the food was brilliant. So if you ever come by Roskilde and like Mexican food I’d definitely recommend it.

Monday Mumbles

❤ 01. I’ve had such a good time lately. Well.. My life is a bit of a roller coaster ride but I’ve spend a lot of time with my Boyfriend of late and I am always happy with him by my side. He actually took this photo of me. And let me say I am actually not comfortable having my photos taken at all. But with him everything is a breeze. Oh I am so mushy to listen to hahaha.

❤ 02. I feel like baking. I should really bake some more! I have this need to make some cupcakes or Christmas cookies. I may be a little too early with the Christmas stuff though so I’ll stretch that need till’ November. But cupcakes are fun to make. I’ll probably bake some bread as well.

❤ 03. If you have read my previous posts you’ll know that I recently turned 23. With that came a lot of lovely presents and I haven’t received one of them yet which is the one from my daddy. He is taking me out to buy something. Maybe a new nice coat? or some nice boots? I haven’t decided yet. I could really use a new coat! Although I love my red one but it would be nice with a Navy blue one or black maybe. Any suggestions?

❤ 04. I’m in an “I’m-so-tired-of-my-hair-I-need-a-change” phase again. I don’t know what though. Or well I’m not sure. I’ve considering getting curls again. Or maybe a fringe. But I always end up getting fed up with my fringe after a few weeks. Argh the dillemma!


Jeg har haft det godt på det seneste. Eller altså mit liv er lidt af en rutchebane tur men på det seneste har jeg været sammen med min kæreste og med ham er jeg altid glad. Han får det bedste frem i mig. Jeg har haft en skøn fødselsdag og har fået dejlige gaver. Jeg MÅ simpelthen også snart ændre mit hår lidt. Måske skal jeg have pandehår igen? Kan ikke helt beslutte mig…