Monday Mumbles

01. Good morning all! It’s 06:45 and I am wide awake. I’ve got to go to work very soon! I reaaaally hope it won’t be too warm because then it’s going to be SO hot at work {which will feel like an oven} and that is awful.  I do like when it’s warm, I do. Just not when I’m at work 😛 Although we do supposedly have air condition somewhere in the building. But it has to be in a tiny little corner far far away from the counter because when I’m at work I can’t feel it 🙁 I remember last time I was at work it felt like my pants were stuck to my legs. STUCK! Obviously they weren’t permanently stuck but you get the point…

02. Didn’t you go to Paris? Yup. I did… And it was WONDERFUL. Disneyland is happiness for me. I mean, I don’t think there is a happier place on earth than Disneyland. It’s just so joyful! But I’ll make a post about that another day.

03. Plans for the summer? I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen this summer. I usually plan things ahead but not this year. I mean i have smaller arrangements planned such as parties to attend and other things. But I do not know yet if I will be traveling somewhere or maybe have a friend over? I don’t know. Last summer was a blast. I loved it. It was a darn good summer. My video of “flashback 2011” is soon done. When I mean soon I mean this week. Probably tomorrow. I’ve at least planned on finishing it tonight! I can’t wait to share it :3

 Happy Monday!!

Paris Je t’aime

{Random photo from Google}

It’s going to be Magical
I’m going to Paris in a few hours, Disneyland to be exact. I’m SO excited!
I’ve been there before but it’s my baby sisters first time and I know she’s gonna
love it so much. I can’t wait for her to experience it all. Have a great weekend! x

Those joyful days ★

Sometimes after work I get so tired that I collapse around 21:00… And that to me is way to early! Yesterday I decided to install an old game I played a few years back “Left4Dead2”, and I figured I should go read a book whilst I was waiting for it to be done. I grabbed “A Clash of Kings” and started to read and as I drifted off into the universe of knights and dragons I fell asleep. I awoke a few hours later, turned off my computer and decided to go back to sleep. I opened my eyes at 07:00 and thought to myself that on a day off I shall certainly not get up at 07:00 am. I dozed off again and awoke at 10:00 am from all the sunlight trough my window..
{oh the joy of being a student sometimes}

I love those days where I can sleep in. Where I don’t have to set an alarm or have any important plans to do that day. So today has been quite relaxing. I sat on my balcony in the sun eating my oatmeal and tried to read “A Clash of Kings”, however the sun was too bright to enjoy it. So I just sat there and ate and listened to the birds {Yeah birds do sing even when in the city! } By now half of the day has gone since it’s almost three O’ clock. I’ve done my assignments for tomorrow, cleaned my apartment, done some other work, gone through photos and watched an episode of “The Secret Circle”. The rest of the day will be spend on organizing my closet, reading “A clash of Kings” and probably playing some L4D2 with some friends {which btw scares the living shit out of me}. Hope you’re all enjoying your Wednesday  x