Working on a new header…

As you can see I’ve changed my header! Wooooo.
But I’m not sure im satisfied?
{ I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to this.. }
I’m thinking that the height of the new header is too high,
, and maybe I should change the “sephira” font as well…
and maybe I should even change the picture?
{ I took the picture whilst flying home from England }
Do you have any suggestions? If so, bring em’!



Okay I think you get it now, I got in! I didn’t actually get my first priority but I’m just so glad that I got in to Copenhagen University so I didn’t have to travel to another city. It’s so much more convenient since I have my apartment here and well, I love my city! I was told by my parents that 15.000 people have been declined this year, which is apparently more than ever but at the same time each university in Denmark has made room for more people. At Copenhagen University they accepted 500 applicants more than the previous year. So yes, even thought I didn’t get my first priority I got my second and I’m happy. At first I had that small disappointment of course but then I realized I should just be grateful, which I am! If I don’t find this to be the “right” course for me I’ll try and apply for my first priority again next year, but who knows!?

So what will I be studying?
– I applied to study English at Copenhagen University and I’d like to mix it up with some business psychology or language psychology. I at least want something with psychology thrown in the mix later on. Or at least that’s what I’ve planned so far. However I’ve heard from many that they usually change their path as the years goes by so who knows what I’ll end up wanting in the end. One thing I do know is that I do not want to be a teacher! All respect to the ones who does want to be teachers but that’s not for me, I don’t think I’d have the patients with kids like that. It’s just not me. Anyway, yes, English is what I’ll be studying for the next three years (or year if I decide to apply to change next year). I can’t wait to get started it’s just nice to finally have some sort of path to follow, you know?

What was my first priority?
– Well I applied to study English and Organization Communication at Copenhagen Business School, { phew long course name is loooong } , and there were only 70 spots and 600 and something applicants this year and I was unfortunately not one of the lucky ones. So both courses I applied to had their focus on the English language. The difference between this one and the one I got in to is that this is more business oriented and is built up in an entirely different way. The focus is more on business where as my course is more at the English language itself and American/British history.

When will I begin?
I’ve been asked a couple of times when I’ll actually begin and to be honest there are so many different dates with different things happening but I think my first REAL day will be the 3rd of September. Anyway this is what I know so far;

  • Introduction day: 9th of August
  • Fresher’s trip: 17th-19th of August
  • Intro start of the course: 22-24th of August
  • Enrolling: 2nd of September


Monday mumbles

{ Photo: I took it in a random field in England }

❤ 01.  Good morning yall! I’m gonna start this day on a dark note and by that I mean that I, as many others, have heard about what happened in Oslo and Utøya. It is so tragic and absolutely horrible and my heart goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones and to everyone else who in some way have been affected by it. Another sad thing is that we’ve lost a good musician, Amy Winehouse died from an overdose, as far as I know. And even though it doesn’t come as a huge shock for me it’s still sad, I did like some of her music, I mean who hasn’t sung along to “Rehab” or “back to black”? Another terrible thing is what is happening in Africa as a result of the drought… I wish I could send some of the rain from Denmark to Africa since we have way too much here

❤ 02. On a more happy note I had a cozy week and a blast of a Saturday. I had a friend visiting me from another part of Denmark and we’ve had a really nice time. Haven’t done that much since I’ve been in school but we did go to an amusement park named “Bakken”. Two days ago, Saturday, I had some friends over for tacos and drinking and we had so much fun. Have I told you all that I LOVE tacos? It’s one of my favorite dishes and I think I could live on tacos forever if I had to lol! How was your Saturday?

❤ 03. Have you seen the new Transformers, Bad Teacher or Bridesmaids? Oh my gosh you simply must go and watch Bridesmaids. Transformers 3 was really good too but Bad Teacher disappointed me a bit. I thought it would be funnier than it in fact is. It’s still a decent movie but I guess I had my expectations set too high. Now back to bridesmaids, geee I have not laughed out loud so much in a movie since The Hangover 1 came out I think. It’s an excellent and funny movie and I’ll try and get some reviews done soon when time and homework allows it.

❤ 04. I’ve recently made a facebook page for my blog and I would love it if you would go and “like” it on Facebook, that is if you are using that social network site. You can find the link to my page by clicking right here; My facebook page  { Else  you can just search for ‘sephira’ in facebook’s search-field and it should pop up under pages }  THANKS xx

Pontefract and York

I went to visit my friend Dom a few weeks ago. He had an extra Foo Fighter ticket and asked if I wanted to come. I said YES! And so the adventure began. We had a super good time and my oh my I fell in love with York! What a beautiful town. I stayed at Dom’s place in Pontefract. It was a great minication. Thank you for a good week Dom! x