Good morning Saturday!

Starting my day with a bowl of oatmeal, raisins and strawberries… yum!! I love that it’s spring that means there’s strawberries for sale everywhere 😛  I’m going to my mother’s in one hour for a family lunch and later I’ll go to DJ’s house for a movie night. See you all later xx

It makes me feel old… (lol)

Do you guys know that great feeling when you’ve just stocked up your fridge? I didn’t think I would ever be all happy and cheerful about it… Just a couple of years ago I would have thought someone was crazy for saying that but since I’ve moved out and got my own place, well there’s just something about it! Or is it just me? 😀

Today is the BIG day


We can’t get around it. Today is the day that the royal British Family’s prince William is getting married to his Kate. I am all about royal families but I must admit it interest me a little more when it’s my own country’s royalties. However, there is something about the British family as well, who didn’t like Princess Di? I am quite excited to see how Kate is dressed and I generally like to see all the guests arriving so I can judge their clothing haha 😛 They will get married in one hour and twenty minutes from now. oooooh!! Time to go back to the couch to gaze at the TV.
(You can also stream it @ msn TODAY)

{ Maybe in the future }


Oh I love my new font! My friend Benji helped me out with fixing it and the sidebars. I’ve wanted them to be separated from the main block for aaaaages but I didn’t know how to work this particular CSS. Even Benji said this program I had used to help me out had messed it up haha. But after some hours of him poking about it’s finally working. HOORAY!!!! So… I will go to bed now and sleep oh so very well. But first, here is one of my favorite songs