But then again who does? Right now my throat is in pain it really hurts when I drink :< So I am home doing nothing at the moment. A Realtor came by to evaluate how much this apartment is actually worth and such so that has been my day. I’m also looking for a new desk cause the one I have is rather large and when I move it would be nice with a smaller one! I’ve looked at this white one from a danish store;

simple white desk
What do you think about it?


I have been working on finding another or well a better ‘About me’ picture. Finally I found one I was more satisfied with. I am hard to satisfy sometimes especially when it comes to pictures. I’m really picky when it comes to my own work. This one turned out just fine! (Btw this picture is two weeks old)

leah trokner salazar 2010



I can’t even remember how I found Mat K. But after I found him I fell in love with his music and this song is one of the best he has made. Some weeks ago I also heard another of his songs in ‘Life Unexpected’


leah salazar selfie upside down 2010

I have begun the whole apartment search now! I have also signed myself up for some nice dorms here in Copenhagen. I’m excited to see when I am going to move out and where I’ll end up! If I could have my way I’d have a petite apartment somewhere central in Copenhagen and it should be a  rental too. That would be pretty nice! But those are really hard to find so I need to get lucky (; Lets say I will get lucky! Cause then it will happen^^