tiny mirror selfie leahsephira

My dad has helped me figure out how to tame wordpress. At least for now. So thank god that it all turned out well I really couldnt imagine having to fix a new blog all over again. But this is it, this is my new blog and I am happy. It finally decided to work the way I wanted it too so hooray for that! Now I just need to fix a few things that I can do myself and I should be back on track. I am gonna post a lot of “old” post since I havent really been able to do that for a while.

– November 16th


I have been without a blog for ages! At least it feels like it. This is partly my new design, how do you like it? I’ve had a friend help me with the header. I’m gonna change some pictures and a lot more stuff when I find out how to actually do it :[ I don’t know how to do those things I want done, yet. Anywho I’m very busy at school I have a lot of homework and a lot to see to besides that. I will update as soon as I can and all my old posts will be available in the old blog design. I figured I should start all fresh ;D

A few things I can say thats been going on;

  • My 20th Birthday – Parties etc
  • Got a new camera<3 Canon EOS 450
  • School and what else comes with it
  • Trip to Belgium and Luxembourg