10 Things I want to do in December


I always feel inspired when reading Emily Salomon’s list (a Danish blogger) of things she’d like to do. And so I figured why not start making a list for myself? I know that I may not find the time for it all and things may get in the way, but there are usually some things I’d like to do so why not try and focus on getting it done. Does that make sense? To me it does haha. This way I can also sort of look forward to some of these things. Which is exactly how I feel when I look at two tickets for a comedy show which are hanging on a magnetic wall in my kitchen. Whenever I look at them I get to think about how much fun my friend and I are gonna have that evening come next February! So that is my purpose of this post.

Here are 10 things I would like to do in December:

  1. Visit Louisiana museum to see Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition.
  2. Go for a drive with my newly acquired license (I passed in October).
  3. Grab one of my friends and head to the cinema.
  4. Put together the rest of the posts from my wonderful roadtrip in England.
  5. Hopefully pass my planned exams!
  6. Create and try different makeup looks with all of the palettes I’ve bought in the states.
  7. Get even more in the festive spirit by visiting Tivoli!
  8. Plan my meals, or at least my dinner (I’ve actually already begun by using Pepperplate).
  9. Visit ‘Torvehallerne’ for some lunch
  10. Bake some Christmas cookies (and eat them!)

A photo from Tivoli in December from a few years ago


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