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January, 2016.

I started off the new year in London, England. I actually stayed in England until the 12th of January, so I basically started the year in vacation-mode, which I guess is a pretty neat way to begin a new year really. England was beautiful, the weather was not too cold and I had a really good time. I did some shopping, playing boardgames, watched The Hateful Eight at the cinema and pet some sheep! When I arrived back in Copenhagen it had become winter. Man it was cold the first week being home. The day after I came home it started to snow and then it became cold, at least in my eyes (-4 celcius!). I spend the last few weeks of January preparing for uni, working, blogging and I started reading Charlotte Crosby’s ‘Me Me Me’. I have especially focused on preparing for my upcoming Bachelor project/paper I have to hand in in the middle of May. But I have also made sure to relax before it all really takes off.


Started the new year sightseeing London!


Near Macclesfield in England, which is where I spent most of January.


Matt’s sister and her many sheep.


Snow right outside my apartment…


I went to visit my mom one weekend in the countryside.


I started getting into baking again. I didn’t have the energy or time for it during exams in December. Pictured here: Spinach sandwich buns.


I’m preparing for blog posts of some of the makeup I got for Christmas.


On January 23rd Matt and I went to the cinema


Matt was cold so he borrowed my scarf/hat


Matty and Popcooooorn 😀


Things I’ve thought about:

» How different this year will be from what I had planned

» If i should change birth control (from pills to IUD)

» That it’s hard to decide which Master degree to pursue


Tips, faves and discoveries

» Strawberry gummies  are awesome (I normally don’t like candy that much)

» I now know how to cook “Stegt Flæsk” in the oven

» My new guilty pleasure TV show is Celebrity Big Brother UK

» Girl crushing a lot on Khloe Kardashians shorter hair or ‘lob‘ as it’s called


I hope you’ve had a good January! 💜


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