Farewell 2012.

Oh what a year. What a busy, confusing, joyful, tearful, hurtful, stressful, loving, great year. 2012 has after all been a good year. It was the year I decided to change education and go from an English major student to a business school student. It was the year I hurt my shoulder badly and had to keep it calm for a while. It was the year I quit my part time job at McDonald’s and it was the year I tried to work at a spa and got a job at a library. It was the year of a tragic event where my mother was in a car accident. It was the year where I met R, my boyfriend. I have absolutely no clue what 2013 will bring but I can only hope that it will be good and that I, and everyone else, will be happy. I wish you all a wonderfully great new year filled with joy!

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