Exams Incoming!

I only have two exams this year but next year I have around 8 or 9 its gonna be hectic!! This year it’s all my nature science classes mixed together in one exam. For me that is Biology, Chemistry and Geography. The other exam I have is music. I am a little nervous for both of them but mostly the music part I think since analyzing music isn’t that easy to me. I can analyze the lyrics but not so much the music part haha. Me and my band also have to preform (that’s another part of the exam) and I think that will go well. I guess the future will show. My exams are the 8th (Nature) and 14th (music) of June. I am not going to write that many blogs from today till the 14th since I will be focusing a lot on my exams  (: However I will for sure post a few ones whenever I have time for it and of course also after the exams to tell you all how it went!!

(picture above is of my school)


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