This Week’s: I Hate It When…

I have decided to write down a list of silly, sometimes stupid things I hate that have occurred around me (and some that I have done). So every end of the week, Saturday or Sunday which ever day fits me best, I’ll scribble it all down for you. If you have any silly things to add that YOU have experienced do feel free to share it. I’ll look forward to read it!

1.  I am at the cashiers and I realize I forgot to get milk
2.  The line in the grocery shop is soooo long that I decide to get milk the next day instead
3.  I get home and prepare to make lasagna and realize that this is what I needed milk for (sigh)
4.  I know I have 40 hairpins cause I just bought them. Yet I can never find them
5.  On the way home from another grocery shop I realize I forgot my environmental friendly bags
6.  I end up buying two HUGE watermelons cause they were on sale
7.  Those melons turn out to weigh so much that the handles on the plastic bag breaks (of course)
8.  My plastic bags have broken and I end up walking past my own house so I have to go back
9.  I think I only showered for 10 minutes but it actually took 30 minutes fffff late again!!



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