The yearly family “picnic”: Helsingør

the harbor in helsingør 2015

Every year in August, for almost as long as I can remember, parts of my Danish family (on my danish grandfather side) meet up for a “family picnic”. It is not a picnic per se, but more a get-together if you will. Sometimes we do actually have a real picnic included during the day, but it is usually us meeting up and experiencing something cultural together.

This year we went to Helsingør to visit the Maritime Museum of Denmark and to have a stroll through the town. Helsingør is a beautiful quaint town in Nordsjælland (north Zealand) just across Sweden’s town Helsingborg. It’s right near the water, which is why I believe the Maritime Museum of Denmark is placed right there. I don’t remember visiting the museum before, but I really enjoyed it! It has a lot of interactive parts, which I thought were quite fun. There was one interactive game where you could be an oldschool sailor/shipowner and you had to trade goods etc. Perhaps it’s hard to explain, but it was fun to try.

I’d like to visit one day again, but probably first in many years, when there’s something new to experience.

outside Helsingør kulturstation and library 2015
Helsingør street signs 2015

A small street sign of what to see in Helsingør

Ships in Helsingør harbor 2015
Susanne og Isabelle Laurés in Helsingør 2015
the little merman helsingør 2015

Helsingør has their very own “Little Merman” statue

grandma and me at the little merman statue helsingør 2015
mormor og jeg helsingør ved den lille havmand 2015
Helsingør the little merman in 2015 statue
selfie of grandma and me in Helsingør 2015

My sweet grandma’ and me 🥰

Helsingør hashtag kulturværftet 2015
Leah salazar red hair helsingør 2015
M:S Museet for Søfart outside museum Helsingør

Entering the Maritime Museum Of Denmark

M:S Museet for Søfart giftshop in helsingør
M:S Museet for Søfart helsingør giftshop 2015
inside maritime museum of Denmark 2015 entering maritime museum of denmark in helsingør 2015
M:S Museet for Søfart about sailors helsingør 2015
captain haddock figuring helsingør 2015
old rope from a ship Helsingør 2015
my cousin Isabelle laures at museum in Helsingør 2015
seating area maritime museum of denmark 2015
ship model of chastine mærske helsingør 2015
ship model frederik 8th cruise helsingør 2015
ship model of frederik VIII in helsingør 2015
Mormor, mor og jeg på M:S Museet for Søfart 2015

My grandma, mom and me inside the museum

underwater mine helsingør 2015 museum
an old torpedo maritime museum of denmark helsingør 2015
a very old Beskøjt biscuit that sailors used to eat
a map of copenhagen freeport at maritime museum of denmark 2015
a model of copenhagen free harbor at maritime museum of denmark 2015
entry ticket to Helsingør ship museum 2015
interactive old school ship owner game maritime museum helsingør 2015

Part of the interactive game at the museum

interactive ship to go on map helsingør museum 2015
interactive map showing ships routes helsingør 2015
mom reading about sailing helsingør 2015
mærsk shipping model ship in helsingør 2015


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