The Intern

A New Chapter

Last Thursday┬áI had my first day as an intern at TimeLog. TimeLog, in case you don’t know, is an IT Company that has created, and sells, a time registration program or time registration solutions if you will (but also so much more!). That’s the simplest way of explaining it, I think.

So yes, last thursday was my first day and it started out with us new interns being introduced to every department. We are actually four interns in total, all doing different things. Two of us (me and Camilla) are in the sales and marketing department. The other two are in support. Friday was really the first proper work day, as that’s when I started to learn how to do things. I’ve still got loads to learn but I am really enjoying the work so far, and I love the environment and colleagues. It’s a very positive and energetic place! Then there’s also the most delicious lunch everyday – bonus! I’m really looking forward to getting to know all the various systems, and learn how to tackle all the tasks waiting ahead.

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