31st Birthday wishlist

Leahs 31st Birthday wishlist

This year I wanted to make a more visual wishlist and as such I decided to created the above collage of items I’d love. Some of you who knows me well will recognise some items as they are have appeared on my list before. A part from the items on my wishlist above I also always wish for an experience (e.g. restaurant, museum, cinema and so on with a friend), or anything else my loved ones think I need/should have ? ?

Wishlist anno 2020

  1. I’d love to get some cash to contribute to a new bike as mine has retired after 15 years of good service.
  2. Some of my plants need a good spray so I’ve found two water misters (are they called that? ?) that I like here and here.
  3. This is the bike I mentioned I’d use the cash for, figured it should be on the list too.
  4. Dried flowers are gorgeous and I’d love a bouquet as they basically last forever.
  5. I love these cleansing cloths from Emma Hardie and I could use a few more.
  6. This hair mask from Briogeo is supposed to be amazing!
  7. Squalane Squalane Squalane I need this serum ?
  8. A girl can always use a gift card to Magasin.
  9. I am literally down to the bottom of my current Pillow Talk lipstick, I really want a replacement!
  10. This ‘Soho’ bag is rather expensive, but it’s such a beauty ? and my current black medium sized go-to bag is rather worn!
  11. I would love a new top coat as mine is empty, I don’t care what brand it is, as long as it’s a top coat.
  12. You’ll often find my current favorite deodorant on my wishlist as I frequently run low!
  13. I’d love to read the book “The Wisdom of Sundays“.
  14. This Gucci perfume is an old favorite of mine, and unfortunately also discontinued but I did find it on ebay and on dba and would love to have a new bottle of it.
  15. Not on the photo above but I could sooo use a small lazy susan for the fridge!


Catch up, Katrina and brunch!

Mad og kaffe frederiksberg 2020 juli

katrina aaslaid 2020 july 2

Catchin’ up with Katrina

Today I met up with my sweetest Katrina. She’s such a good egg! I always love meeting her and catching up, chatting, sharing, learning and talking about life. We used to live together, many years ago and I am so thankful we did and I got to know her. I still remember the roomie-interview I had with her back in what, 2013? Can’t believe it has been so long hah.

A whole new quiet world

Kongens Nytorv Copenhagen 14.03.20

It’s only been a few days since our prime minister told us to avoid crowds, work from home, stay indoors as much as possible, stay in the country and that our borders are now closing – but it is already affecting our world and daily lives a lot. This Covid-19 (corona virus) is a serious thing and I, as many others, worry for my loved ones who are elderly and/or have underlying illnesses.

Monday mumbles

Monday Mumbles 2020 week 11

 01. This week is bringing all sorts of lovely food experiences. Tuesday I’m going out with work (or well the marketing department) to eat some amazing Chinese food at Magasasa, Thursday I’m having sushi with Matt and Saturday I’m going out for steak and burgers with the guys and Shaneel (the girl I’m a maternity cover for) to say bon voyage to her – as she’s moving to another country.