My Birthday presents

From left: I got a blinis-pan so I can make perfect shaped American pancakes, yay! My adorable sister made these two drawings for me, they are so cute. As you may see I’ve also gotten a Chanel nail-polish and it’s the one called “Graphite” I am already in love with it. “The complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe” is now part of my book collection however, I did return this one and got a different edition. Audrey.. Oh Audrey.. the people who has been in my apartment  knows how much I adore her haha! I got a tiny wallet thingy and a beautiful Calendar for 2012 with her on it. The see-through-able box you can see at the top is a makeup organizer {I’ll show you more about that another day.} I got myself some facial and body scrub from the brand Comwell Spa / Spa-losophy. Some cool cash! Who can’t use that!? Can you see the tinie tiny blue thingy next to the money? That’s a broche my sister made for me too, it’s so cute! I also got three great goodies which I really wanted, cover-sheets and pillow-covers, from H&M Home. I’ve also been so lucky to get a huge and very beautiful candle holder + candle from Georg Jensen {a danish brand}, just what I longed for.

I wished for pillows and I got pillows! I am a cuddly-snuggle type of person and I love having loads of pillows in my couch and in my bed. On another note I prefer not sleeping on a pillow, weird huh? I usually sleep on my arm or snuggled all up in my cover. Anyway I got four beautiful pillows and they can all  be bought in Magasin.

As you saw above I got some money and I’ve spend some of that on these babies above. I’ve heard well about this concealer so I though it was about time to try it. So far I’m very happy with my purchase. The lipstick in the middle is “Viva Glam Gaga 2” and I love it! It’s a nude color and looks very cute. The last one is a Mattene Lipstick from MAC’s newest collection called “Legendary” it has a very dark and warm red color. I can make a post about these two later if you would like to see them on?

I also decided to buy a few dvd’s. Tropic Thunder is a favorite. It’s such a silly action-comedy and it generally reminds me of a good time with two close friends. The Shawshank Redemption is a classic which I thought belonged in my collection. Blå mænd, which means blue men, is a danish comedy and blades of glory was on sale for absolutely nothing so I grabbed that too!

The rest of the money was spend on a lot of socks! I can’t believe how much money I actually spend on socks. SOCKS!? But it was needed. I got myself some really nice ones from H&M here amongst some knee high ones and I also bought a pair from Abercrombie & Fitch. I bought a black dress because a girl can’t have too many black dresses am I right? {I’m a little obsessed with black dresses I think I have 12 now…} The cute silver “bag” looking things you can see to the right are from H&M home and to the left there’s another see-through-able thing. Which is a “twin organizer” for cotton pads. Oh right I bought a hat as well! A dark purple one which I thought looked darn fine with the black dress.

My dear ex sent me some presents as well one of them neatly wrapped in home made paper because he allegedly didn’t have any… *shifty eyes* We spoke a couple of months ago about An Idiot Abroad and how I hadn’t seen the show. So when I opened the present I was actually quite surprised. He also got me a bear-hat which I will have to show you soon. I need some better pictures of it. He also did very well in the hat department because; three months ago I mentioned that I liked this hat and he managed to remember go him! It’s an adorable hat btw just wait and see!

I also ordered some books here amongst the other edition of Poe. I’m gonna pick them up Monday from the post office yippeeee! Some gifts I haven’t gotten a picture of is two other books, actually Poe again which I returned too since having two editions of one book is silly! I also got a cupcake book, a beautiful blanket and a third heart-cover-sheet from H&M from my best friend. I am so thankful for all these beautiful gifts! I feel so lucky to have such a kind and generous family and friends. My love and gratitude goes out to them



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