January, 2019.

Here’s to a good start to the new year! 😊 The year started in UK with us travelling back to Denmark at the start of January. However, due to shortage of staff our SAS plan had to divert and land in Oslo. This meant we had to wait 1,5 hours in Oslo airport before being able to fly back to Copenhagen. This resulted in us being refunded our tickets in full, so… not too bad.

This month was also when I started my internship at SDEX. Pretty exciting really! I will be working as a digital marketing manager, and I will be building the website from scratch and work on some campaigns.

Else January was a month with a lot of burgers haha. I had quite a few dinners out with friends and colleagues and Matt. I also went to the cinema a few times and had a few walks in the snow. Anyway here are some photos from this month;

buying a sandwich and pastry at Bit Union oslo airport

We discovered this cute little bakery filled with goodies in Oslo airport. 😋

Matt in oslo airport
handsome matt in oslo airport
blue house sandwich christianshavn january 2019

Went by Blue House Sandwich at Christianshavn

Dinner with Vanessa at cocks and cows january 19

Dinner with Vanessa before the cinema

dinner with vanessa at cocks and cows january 2019
dinner with vanessa yummy burgers cocks and cows
cinema with vanessa about to watch før frosten in palads

At the cinema with Vanessa about to watch “Før Frosten”.

first day of my internship SDEX lyngbyvej 2
first day of internship at SDEX
first day of my internship at SDEX

A selfie from my first day at SDEX

druemost from duva at work

We’ve got these yummy grape juice at work

Dinner with team SDEX at burgerklubben nørrebro

Went out for dinner with team SDEX

sunrise at ny ellebjerg station january 2019

Sunrise from Ny Ellebjerg St. on our way to my moms place

Haribo store in Ringsted january 2019

Went to Ringsted Outlet with mom and Matt

lunch at Jagger frederiksberg with Matt

Had dinner with Matt at Jagger Frederiksberg

lunch at jagger me and matt january 2019
Lunch at jagger with Matt waiting for food january 2019
lunch at Jagger with Matt waiting january 2019
lunch at jagger with Matty january 2019
Matt and I at valby kino january 2019

We went to Valby Cinema to watch the new Spiderman

dinner with peter at cocks and cows burger
dinner with peter at cocks and cows
dinner with peter a milkshake at cocks and cows
lunch and work with vanessa and kanelsnegl
lunch and work with Vanessa january 2019
my new green plant baby 2019 jan

Got a new plant baby!

jobinterview at Tivolis marketing office

Had a jobinterview at Tivoli (marketing position)

personality test leah 1
personality test leah 2
that time Sarah Jessica Parker liked my photo on instagram haha

Had a fan-girl-moment when Sarah Jessica Parker liked a photo I posted 😂

photobombing matts photo of the snow

Photobombing matts photo

Matt and I in the snow january 2019

Matt and I in the snow

cinema with vanessa about to watch bohemian rhapsody kalaset brunch plate copenhagen
kalaset brunch with coordinators
camilla kalaset brunch
kalaset brunch smiling cecilie and stinne january 2019


I hope you’ve had a great January 💙

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