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Roadtrip, Re-exams & Driving license

The UK Southern Roadtrip:
Alright, it’s been almost three weeks since I got home from the roadtrip. I have so many photos just waiting to be shared (and I really look forward to going through them all again). I am planning to post some this week because I really look forward to share it all. It was a very good trip and I learned a lot, not just about England, but also about myself and of course about my friend Matt.

Where to begin? Back in May Richard passed away just before most of my oral exams. Naturally I couldn’t think straight at all and so my friend Maiken made sure they were all moved. She even signed me up for all the re-exams too. She is seriously one of the best people I know – You are amazing bae #shoutout. It’s been almost three months since he passed and it has not really gotten any easier. The only thing I feel is different now compared to then is that I don’t cry all day everyday. It comes in waves.  I’ve had an extremely hard time to focus and remembering things, so taking these re-exams has really been challenging. My first Exam was in Legal English, which I have passed. My second one was in Corporate Communication, which I have moved to 6th semester. The last one was Discourses and Power which I thankfully passed too. I guess my head remembered some things after all…

Driving License:
I was supposed to be done with this in July. Now, the new ‘plan’ is to be done this year. I hope to take the theory test/exam in September and hopefully *fingers crossed* do the actual driving test in October. That’s the plan for now at least, but I have learned that plans change. So we shall see.


Ps. When I was in England I dyed my hair red. Just, you know, if you didn’t notice on the discrete photo above… 


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