March, 2017.

March has been a nice month. A little hectic with our group project. Matt and I went to Louisiana (a museum) and had a really lovely day! I went to the movies to watch the new Beauty & The Beast with Dj, and it was sooooo good. It was actually at the premiere and the cinema had created this cool light installation (see photos below). I need to watch the movie again and buy it on Blu Ray! This month I’ve also been out eating a few times with Dj, which is the best thing ever ? ? I also went to a career fair and stood in line for like an hour to get my photo taken for a CV. An hour!! It was worth it though. I also spend a night at my mom’s place and went for lunch the day after and flea-markets.  March was a good month!

Pretty decent place!

‘Sadwich’ xD

Food time with DJ <3 in Ballerup

Standing in line at the career fair

Having hot cocoa with a friend

Took myself out for lunch

Dinner with Maiken

Lunch/brunch with dad  @Souls

At the premiere for Beauty & The Beast!

Dinner after the movie

Had brunch with Matt before going to Louisiana

Bought some sheet masks

Lunch with DJ after work 😀


Followed by dessert @leckerbaer

Lunch with mom <3



Things I’ve thought about:

» How much a lower back can actually hurt…


Tips, faves and discoveries

» I binged 13 Reasons Why. Quite interesting show!

» Beauty & The Beast is so far the best movie this year.

» Visited Leckerbaer at Østerbro for the first time, lovely desserts!


I hope you’ve had a good March ❤️

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