Last night’s movie: Atonement ♡

Atonement movie 2007 still - 10 Atonement movie 2007 still - 1 Atonement movie 2007 still - 4 Atonement movie 2007 still - 5

An old one but a good one. Or well Atonement is not thaaat old, but I definitely think it is a good one. It always has me crying at the end of it. I also really like Kiera Knightley and Saoirse Ronan who are both such brilliant actors. It is a beautiful, yet tragic story about two sisters and how interpretations of what you see, or dont see, can easily ruin lives. We basically follow the sisters, and the housekeepers son, in the movie through many decades. We get to see how a misunderstanding shapes their lives. Personally I adore this movie, although I always cry at the very end.


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