How I Spent My Birthday ♡

In the past, when I lived at home, I was usually woken up by my mom singing the Danish Birthday song and serving some delicious breakfast. This year was different. Well, last year was too since I didn’t live at home either but last year I was lucky enough for my Birthday to fall on a Sunday so I had my family over. This year it was a Tuesday. My boyfriend was so excited to give me his present that a few minutes past midnight he asked me if I wanted his present now. I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to open it now or later. But I could see he was nervous if he had gotten me the right thing. So I decided to open it. I actually opened it in bed and boy was it perfect! He had bought me some beautiful white gold earrings from Kenzo. I didn’t even know Kenzo made jewelry, did you? Maybe I’ve just been living under a rock or something.

For lunch  we went to a café in downtown Copenhagen called “Norden”. I’ve been there many times over the years because I love love love their lunch menu. My lovely man had a burger and I had brunch. It was extremely delicious! { hopefully you can tell from the photos}. After lunch I dragged him to the Disney store cause’ I really wanted some scented candles. {My favorite candle is from the Disney store} And as amazing as he is he willingly went into the store with me and I ended up getting some strange but so very cute nail polishes as well.

For dinner he had reserved a table for us at MASH. For you who do not know what MASH is then let me explain. MASH is a very well known steak house here in Denmark and it is a tad pricey. But my god their food is amazing and so is their service. You certainly get what you pay for. Eating their steak is close to a tiny slice of heaven. I also love their “Creamy Spinach” :3  I always end up ordering that. Our plan was to eat dessert as well but we were simply too full after the appetizer and main course. I had a wonderful Birthday and I feel so lucky to have such a good man in my life.

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