Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin


This is by now a bit old. But I just love it so much so I wanted to share it. This perfume is the newest edition to my small selection of perfumes. I have been a Gucci perfume girl for quite a while and this Glorious Mandarin won me over! I don’t actually like the other Flora perfumes much, but this one I adore.

This perfume is so happy and fruity. I have a thing for fruity/fresh perfumes I think. It’s part of Gucci’s Flora Garden collection and in my eyes this is the best one of the collection. It has a scent of Mandarin {duh!}, peony, ┬áJasmine and a tiny bit of white musk. It is so delicious! I am so very happy that it’s part of my collection. Once it’s empty I will definitely have to wish for a new one, or just go get it myself. This scent is perfect for summer, well it’s perfect for all year round’. But especially summer!

Have any of you tried or sniffed any perfume from the Flora Garden collection?


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