What I Got For Christmas 2017 ?

The title sort of explains what this post is about, and I think you either love or hate these kind of posts. Personally, I love reading them (and watching them on YouTube) as I find them cozy and somehow inspiring! However, I get that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that some might find these posts boastful. I don’t write these posts with that aim or intend, I just want to share what I’ve gotten for Christmas and express my gratitude. Because, I am very thankful! 

The Week Of Three Christmases

This year (well… last year) was a triple Christmas year, meaning I had three Christmases basically. You see, ever since my parents got divorced when I was a kid, I celebrate Christmas with my dad (usually) on the 23rd of December. Then, of course, it was Christmas eve on the 24th where Matt and I went to my godmother’s place with my mom and that side of the family. Lastly, on the 25th we traveled to England to celebrate Christmas with Matt’s family.