Origins Ginzing Review & Giveaway

If you have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a fan of the brand Origins! I currently have about five Origins products in my bathroom. A lot of them are masks, but this year the Ginzing moisturizer sneaked in too. There was actually a time where I didn’t love the Ginzing series, but I think my skin simply didn’t fit ‘it’ at the point. Today I am really liking the Ginzing ultra-hydrating energy-boosting cream. It also works well with my current serum ‘Truth Serum’, which is by Ole Henriksen. Anyway, let me tell you a bit about this lovely moisturizer. Because, it is honestly rather lovely. 

When My Grandma Turned 80

…She booked a room at a lovely café with a gorgeous view.

I won’t write a whole lot here but instead let the photos speak for themselves. I do want to say how much I love my grandma, and how much she means to me. Because she means the absolute world to me, and she has taught me so much throughout the years. I have countless of fun memories with her, and I was so happy to be able to celebrate her 80th birthday. Jeg elsker dig mormor <3

Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant Review

I was a bit taken aback with all the raving positive reviews on this Aurelia botanical cream deodorant, that I wasn’t sure what to believe. Then my favorite skincare gurus started talking about it, and I knew I had to at least give Aurelia a chance. I then put it on my wishlist for Christmas, and was lucky enough to get it!


The last couple of year’s I’ve only invited my very nearest family to my place for some cake(s) and other goodies. I sometimes wish I had a bigger apartment so I could invite some friends and more of my family at the same time too. Because as it is right now I just don’t have room for that many people. Perhaps in a few years time I’ll get a bigger place 😀 This time around (last year in October) I decided to have a low-key day. I spent it at my internship and afterwards I met my dad, bonusmom, sister and my boyfriend Matt at Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Pink Venus

There is actually a funny story behind how I ended up with this lip liner,
because I didn’t intend to buy it at all!

I was in England over Christmas and New Year 2017/2018. On one of the days, during my stay with Matt’s family, we all went to the Trafford center just outside Manchester. The Trafford Center is a huge shopping mall, in case you didn’t know, and they have a Selfridges there – which has a Charlotte Tilbury counter! I went to the counter and a lovely salesgirl approached me. I told her I was on the look for a new foundation, a new brow product and the lip liner ‘Pillow talk’. I tried out the other items and then I tried the lip liner I wanted. They didn’t have the foundation in stock, so I decided just to buy my brow product and the lip liner. However, when I came home and opened my new lip liner it turned out to be the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pink Venus! I was actually rather upset at first because I really wanted the pillowtalk one… Then I decided to just give Pink Venus a shot, and I’m glad I did. Because it is a very lovely shade, and I’ve grown rather fond of it.

Perfect Weekend

I tried out some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products two weeks ago and wanted to share a few words. The photo below is unedited, as I want to show you exactly what the makeup looks like. I’m wearing the Light Wonder foundation from Charlotte Tilbury, in the lightest shade possible, as I’m rather fair skinned. I really like the natural light weight coverage the foundation provides, and although one of my blemishes is still visible – I’m a fan. It does exactly what it promises, and what I want from a light weight foundation. If I use a concealer, I would be able to conceal the blemish, but for the purpose of testing this foundation I didn’t. I’m also wearing a lip liner and an eyebrow product from her brand. On my eyes are Huda beauty and Lancôme.