Monday Mumbles

 01. Aloha(mora)! It’s been a while since my last Monday Mumbles. In fact I think I started my last Monday Mumbles post almost the same… WOOPSIE.  If you haven’t read my last few life updates, or followed me on social media (or like… know me IRL) then you might have missed that I moved in with my boyfriend and I attended ISUP (International Summer University Programme).

A Weekend At My Mom’s

Last Friday (and yesterday) Matt and I went to my mom’s place to visit her. As soon as Matt got off work we locked up, and got out the door and headed to the train station. We live really close to a large station (and we don’t even have noise or anything where we live) which is really nifty as it only takes ten minutes to walk there. To get to my mom’s place we have to take three trains or two trains + a bus. It’s really simply to be honest, as everything is right next to each other – it just takes a little time is all. This is honestly the main reason I’d like to have a car! Visiting family would be much easier. All in do time…


We’re already halfway through summer, and it truthfully haven’t been a very sunny one yet. I’ve been sick, and I’ve had classes so I’ve not done much anyway. In August however, I am off for almost two weeks. And this month I’ve got some fun plans! I did manage to do most things I had on my previous list. If you have any plans or things you want to do the next to months do share in a comment below – I’d like to read about it.