01. July was hard. Taking two ISUP (International Summer University Programme) classes is not something I’d like to repeat. Although I really liked the classes, and learned a lot, it was so intense to learn so much in such a short amount of time. It was exhausting! I met some really nice people though and that’s what definitely made it more fun. I’d truthfully not mind taking one class next summer, I’d just not take two again. Anyway, as the ISUP exams began i fell really ill. I was at work on a Wednesday and I started feeling poorly and went home early. Come Thursday I had a fever and I slept so much. I had a fever all weekend and it just got worse and I started to cough a lot. The coughing caused me not to be able to sleep, and all the time I had planned to spend on studying, was spent on sleeping during the day. As the sit-in exam was the Wednesday after (one week after I initially got sick) I didn’t feel ready at all. And the paper I had due on the Friday that same week was written within like three days. I was SO nervous I had failed – alas I did not. I passed!! With good grades too. I am so happy ? Because now I finally have my Bachelor Degree. I can officially say that I have a degree in English & Organizational Communication