Magasin Food Court Kgs. Nytorv


At the very top floor in Magasin Kgs.Nytorv you find their newest food court. They have created this theme called “Brasserie Du Nord” which aligns with their name Magasin Du Nord. Most Copenhageners would just call it Magasin though’.

Over the years they have had different food areas, but to date I think this is the prettiest one. I ordered a “sliders” menu which consisted of two small sliders and some fries and of course a drink. It was really tasty and I would gladly order it again.

A Peek Into: “Orange Is The New Black”

Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) returns next week. So I figured this was as good a time as any to review one of my favorite TV-series. Back in 2013 when the series was first released I decided to watch it because the people behind it had also made Weeds. Now, I loved weeds (okay the last season was so-so) but everything else was good, and I figured that if Weeds was good, then OITNB must be good too. And it sure is. OITNB has some of the greatest characters and some really witty lines. Each season has been good so far, and the story line still captivates me. If you’re late to the OITNB party then I hope this post will be helpful in figuring out if you should give it a shot or not.

I Spent New Years In London

Tower of london

Shopping & Exploring

I had planned to share some photos from my weekend in London where I celebrated New Years Eve this year (or well last year but like.. this year? Both. Lets say both.). But I honestly forgot all about it and today for some reason I thought of London and how I’d like to return and explore a lot more.