Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. Aaaaand fall has arrived! This means cozy knit-wear, hot cocoa, tea, beautiful trees, candles, more candles and in general lots of coziness.

❤ 02. I’ve turned 25. I literally had the best Birthday ever! My boyfriend surprised me with such a beautiful day! {Post coming about that soon}

❤ 03. I have seven weeks left of classes and then I’m entering mini-hell. Okay maybe not hell but… The exams this semester is sure gonna be tough! And two of them are only two days a part and those are the hardest… HOW IS THAT FAIR? Oh well. Gotta buckle up!

❤ 04. My bestie, DJ, and I have decided on a new fun little thing. We shall meet once a month and cook something we’ve never cooked before, together. We had our first cook-date yesterday and it was so very cozy and I realized I liked something I thought I didn’t like. More about that later!


I just turned 25. It feels strange. I’m sort of  like a grown up? But I’m really not. hah!
Spending the rest of the day with Richard. I don’t know what we’ll do, he has planned it all.
Right now I’m “dolling up”… And rocking to Ashlee Simpsons first album. An album I’ve loved for 10 years!