The Bear & The Hare.

I love John Lewis’ Christmas commercials. This one is by far the best one. It makes me tear up each time I watch it. The story is so adorable! If you haven’t seen this yet, go on and press play.

{I am also LOVING Lily Allen’s version of  “Somewhere only we know”}

Happy 6th Birthday Blog

Six years ago today I decided to start my own blog. Oh how time flies! In the spirit of Birthdays I decided to give away yet another wonderful Origins starter-kit since it seemed quite popular last time. Read below to see how you can win it.



I admittedly do not nap a lot. But maybe I should begin? Sometimes I consider taking a nap but then I usually don’t do it and just go to bed earlier instead. Do you take naps? I stumbled over this photo on Facebook which shows some facts about napping. It shows what benefits you actually gain from napping and some other “fun” facts.


Photo from Facebook.

Happy November!


Only two months till’ Christmas. Yes, I am counting down. I really do love fall even though it is cold and wet most of the time here in Denmark. Maybe it’s because I was born in October or maybe I just love that it is a season that calls for cozy sweaters, candles, lots of tea and hot cocoa. So, welcome November once again.