Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. Hello there. It sure has been a while since I had some Monday Mumbles… It’s fall again and that means UNI has begun. It also means I’ve been a bit busy! I am really glad to be back in school, I actually missed it! Didn’t miss all the homework tho 😀

❤ 02. It’s my Birthday in two weeks. I can’t believe I’m gonna be in my mid twenties now.. I really liked the early twenties. I know 24 is no age, but it’s still odd when you’re there. Turning 23 was okay cause I was still early twenties. But now, now I’m closing in on 30.. GASP!

❤ 03. I have a roomie, did you know? I’ve lived alone for three years. So having a roomie is a fun experience for me. Plan is still to move in with my boyfriend but having the chance to live with someone else before is actually quite nice. Another thing is we get a long so well, feels like I’ve known her for years! We’re pretty weird together which can always make a gloomy day brighter! {see this video on instagram fx. I love the creeper smile lol}

❤ 04. Going to Stockholm soon. YAY! I haven’t seen Richard for a while. I’ve been so swamped with work so travelling has been a bit hard to do. Long distance can really suck sometimes. I SOOOO look forward to moving in with him. Also something I find funny, or well not laughing out loud funny, is that flying to Stockholm can sometimes be cheaper than taking a train. It just makes me question how trains survive in the economy. I mean wouldn’t everyone prefer flying? I know I would.

Have a great week! x

Some Sundays.


I do love my studies. Or I love what I’m studying. But right now, right now I feel like throwing my papers and books on the floor. But I know I can’t… I realize this. Stupid Sunday!

Photos found on tumblr.

Looking back: Summer 2013

This is part one out of a few posts. It’ll be pretty photo heavy you’ve been warned.

My summer actually turned out pretty great. I didn’t travel much at all, I pretty much worked most of the summer so I wasn’t sure it would be a “fun” summer. But I did travel a wee bit. I went to Stockholm and boy was it a nice trip. I’ve got quite a few photos from Stockholm and I’ll add a few descriptions to the photos further down and in the future posts too. I hope you all had a great summer  ♡


25 Random Facts about me

1. I love the ocean. It is so beautiful, but I’m scared of swimming in it.
2. Seafood is not my thing. I dislike shrimps, clams and most fish.
3. I am not a morning person and probably never will be.
4. My favorite number is four.
5. I have never broken a bone.

How Long Will I love you


Ellie Goulding has recorded this beautiful heartfelt cover by The Waterboys for the new movie About time, which I mentioned here. I am in awe of how beautiful, not only the song is,but also this little film. I have cried and laughed to all of these movies, especially Love Actually. That’s one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, which I do re-watch EACH and every December. And not to be too cheesy or anything but this song does make me think of, and miss,  my boyfriend ♡