Origins Ginzing

I have for about two years been a grand fan of Origins skincare products. I ran out of my day-time moisturizer a few months ago and was therefor looking for a new one. Then Origins launched this new “Ginzing Energy-boosting moisturizer” and with it you could get an eye cream too. It was ridiculously cheap, because it was a launch offer, so I grabbed it immediately.

Ginzing Origins

Panic Cord

I saw this lovely girl live only five days ago. Boy oh boy was she amazing. She’s one of them singers who can actually sing and sings exactly like she sounds on the record. Besides that she was incredibly humble and so likable. Here’s one of her songs from her album “English Rain“.


collage yo

Fizzy bubbles at the inlaws || lollipop face || danish “smørrebrød” || Aussie nail-polish event thing || it’s spring! And it’s pretty || my lovely grandmother || MAC’s lipstick || twister ice-cream || new perfume my daddy bought me, yay || returning home || at my boyfriend’s summer house  || me! ||  me again and my favorite night lotion || Siri, my boyfriend’s niece || a few more fizzy bubbles yes? || candy at my mom’s Bday

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