A minor makeover.

As you can probably see I have changed a few things on the blog. I decided to go a bit more “girly” and add some warm spring colors. I’m quite satisfied with it all, although it is rather small changes. I’ve also gotten a search function {which you can find at the top near the menu}.  I will slowly be working on a new header. The one I have now was supposed to be temporary and I simply never got around to change it. After exams this summer I may find the time and inspiration! How do you like the new “theme” on the blog?

MAC Baking Beauties Spring/summer collection

Baking Beauties 2013

I’m not really the type to do many makeup beauty reviews. It’s not that I don’t love makeup or skincare products, I mean who doesn’t!? I simply don’t feel its my strongest field. I have some knowledge but definitely not enough. But maybe I should share my opinion about this matter more? Anyway, I am super excited about the lipsticks from this cute collection, especially “Lavender Whip” and “Raspberry Swirl”. And the Pearl Matte Powder looks sooo cute too. I’m not really excited about the “pro long-wear paint pots”, I’ve never been a big fan. Does that make me crazy? I simply prefer working with their “regular” eye shadows. They’ve also made some cute blue brushes for this collection and the “large shader brush” is so going on my wishlist! I quite like the shades of the nail-polish but I don’t like MAC’s polishes at all. I’ve had a few and they were no success with me. But I am certain similar colors are to be found in other brands.

It’s already in the stores in North America and it should hit the international stores in May 2013. Do you wish to get your hands on some of this collection too? Which?

Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. Good morning out there! I have had a splendid weekend. I am no longer sick and I’ve been celebrating my step sisters 18th and I’ve been to the new National Aquarium with my baby sister. Good days indeed. Hope your weekend has been awesome too.

❤ 02. There are now only two weeks left of classes before exams begin. I feel somewhat ambivalent about what I will be doing after summer. I like this education, I do. However, since I got a fairly bad/slow start last semester, because of some events that occurred around that time, I don’t particularly feel I know all I need and should know. Which may shine through at the exams and this makes me a bit unease.  As I said I like studying this and I’m considering to re-apply and simply do this year over. But maybe I’ll just continue. I’ll see a students counselor at some point this week to figure out what is best for me! I don’t mind if I graduate a year later. But plan right now is to do the exams as well as I can and then figure everything out during the summer.

❤ 03. Apparently Justin Bieber was in Denmark two days ago. I  totally forgot until I saw and heard everyone talking about it. My sister also found a ticket on the ground. An unused ticket! Some poor soul must have lost it. We threw it out in the trash, not because we hate Bieber or something but simply because it was the day after. Apparently his concert was bad anyway, at least it got really bad reviews. So maybe the girl/boy was lucky to have lost it after-all. Do it better Mr. Bieber and don’t be late!

❤ 04. I miss Richard a lot. But there are only two months left till he hands in his Bachelor project {undergrad thingy}. And then he will move in with me. YAYCAKES. *happydance* and lots of hoorays.

Have a fantastic week 17!

Instaupdates #01


Somewhere in Sweden || strawberry macaroon || somewhere in Sweden #2 || coffee date with Peter | delicious dessert | my sister Ida posing lol || Ida again || selfie || yet another selfie || Herring || my baby sister Sarah at Denmark’s National Aquarium || Nemo! || inside “amazonas” || Sweden is just on the other side of the ocean.

I decided to share some instagram photos since I don’t have a sidebar that shares them anymore.  I have never done this before so I hope you’ll like it. I figured I’d continue doing this once in a while when I feel like it’s time to share a little. I won’t be sharing all photos obviously but if you would like to see more then please have a look at my instagram @leahsephira. These photos are all from April. If you have an instagram profile write your name in a comment below and I’d love to go have a look and maybe throw a few “hearts” your way. Happy Sunday!

Copenhagen zoo

Almost two months ago Richard and I went to Copenhagen Zoo. There was still snow on the ground and it was a little cold however we we’re lucky with the weather because it was very sunny. I hadn’t been to the Zoo for YEARS and it was a joyful reunion. The Zoo had recently gotten a new house for the polar bears and for the elephants, I was super excited to see it. Unfortunately the polar bears were no where to be found 🙁  So I don’t have any photos of them. However, I have a ton of photos of other things and yes this is a very photo heavy post!