Farewell 2012.

Oh what a year. What a busy, confusing, joyful, tearful, hurtful, stressful, loving, great year. 2012 has after all been a good year. It was the year I decided to change education and go from an English major student to a business school student. It was the year I hurt my shoulder badly and had to keep it calm for a while. It was the year I quit my part time job at McDonald’s and it was the year I tried to work at a spa and got a job at a library. It was the year of a tragic event where my mother was in a car accident. It was the year where I met R, my boyfriend. I have absolutely no clue what 2013 will bring but I can only hope that it will be good and that I, and everyone else, will be happy. I wish you all a wonderfully great new year filled with joy!

Last night’s movie: “Moonrise Kingdom” ♡

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If you want a different movie you should pick this one! I had heard so many warmhearted words about it so I decided that I’d finally watch it. At first I was a little confused in the beginning of the movie and I wasn’t sure if I would like it or how it would turn out.  A good fifteen minutes in and I was hooked. Wes Anderson {the director and writer of the movie} has a very vivid imagination and created a beautiful story within Moonrise Kingdom. The two kids play superbly and as an extra bonus we have Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDornand and Bill Murray as well.

A Peek Into: “Once Upon A Time”.


If you are as fond of fairy tales and magical worlds as I am – You will LOVE this show. When I saw the trailer to the show and saw that the people behind “Lost” was behind it I knew I had to give it a shot. When it finally came and I had watched the pilot I was hooked! Some of my favorite things about this show is that they portray all our well known fairy tale characters in a different way. Well of course some of them are very similar but a different tale has been spun as well. One thing that bothers me on the other hand is the special effects. I’m guessing ABC didn’t have the best budget for this {which I find a bit strange} since some of the special effects looks horrid. That aside It’s a wonderful and magical TV-show!

Christmas in Tivoli 2012 ~ Part one

Last week I went to Tivoli which is a famous amusement park in Denmark. It is in the heart of Copenhagen and each December they transform the park into a beautiful Christmas-land. It is so beautiful and if that can’t get you in the right holiday spirit I don’t know what can! Every year for the past 30 years a theater show called “Crazy Christmas Cabaret” has performed and the past 10-12 years it has been held in a theater in Tivoli. My mom and I have seen this together every December in Tivoli since 2002. It’s become a tradition! So this year was of course no different and we went to see it last week. We went there two hours before the show started so we could walk around and soak in all the Christmas joy! { and yes this is a photo heavy post so it has been divided into three parts }



I just felt like sharing this wonderful song by Adele. I adore her voice and Skyfall. This song was so perfect for the new Bond movie. If you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely go watch it.