Malice and Harmonie du soir.

These were two of my Birthday presents. And I love love love them. I’ve used Malice pretty much everyday since I’ve gotten it. I’ve mixed and matched it with some glitter polishes as well. I just can’t get enough of it! I’m strongly considering to get another one since I think I might’ve used it up by the end of December haha.

A Peek Into: “Revenge”.

revenge tv series

I and some of my friends {and my boyfriend who I’ve forced to watch it with me} have rapidly grown very fond of Revenge. I will admit it took more than just the pilot episode to get me hooked but I am so glad I stayed for a few more episodes because then it became epically interesting. This is one of those shows that just lures you in and takes a firm hold on your ‘guilty pleasure’. Because yes, it is a good show but I’ve got to admit it is somewhat a guilty pleasure. As a person who loves fancy smancy things it’s simply amazeballs to sit and watch them all in pretty dresses and well… There is admittedly some eye candy in the show too! I mean Jack Porter? COME ON you are good looking. Or maybe that’s just me?

Hello New blog design

I have finally gotten a new design and I couldn’t be happier. It has taken me years, literally, to find something I could be satisfied with. And it drove me slightly insane because it made me want to blog less, if that make sense? As much as I did and still do like my old design I had grown very tired of it. This design has brought me very back to basic where it all started. Simplicity is a key word and it is something I hold dear when it comes to designs. I will be working on getting another header up but for now I am pretty satisfied with it all.

A Little Piece Of Italy

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to an Italian Restaurant named Taormina. I used to eat there quite frequently as a kid because it was just around the corner from where I used to live. They always had the best to-die-for garlic bread and I wondered if they would still have em’. I didn’t get disappointed but it wasn’t the same great garlic bread. They had changed it up and made it more “modern” and added a few extra things to it. It was very delicious. The pasta was still amazing though and we will definitely come back again. We both had garlic bread as a starter but I went for the classic Spaghetti Carbonara whereas he got Gamberoni alla Siciliana as the main course. For dessert I had my favorite Italian dessert Tiramisu. And it was SO good! He had a piece of plum pie with whipped cream which was good as well but it ain’t no Tiramisu!

For nogle uger siden var min kæreste og jeg ude og spise på en lækker Italiensk restaurant. Den hedder Taormina og ligger på Slagelsesgade som er en sidegade til Østerbrogade. Den er rigtig lille og super hyggelig og prisen er helt fin. Jeg plejede at komme der en hel del da jeg var lille med min familie. Jeg fik altid hvidløgsbrød til forret da de var virkelig virkelig gode. De har ændret dem idag men de smager stadig godt! Og deres pasta er stadigvæk lækker. Så hvis du har lyst til italiensk kan jeg varmt anbefale maden 🙂