{ I wanna change the future as I look into your eyes }

So here are my books. Or well most of them I’m missing two books and one compendium
but other than that
this is pretty much my books for first semester. First semester is going
to be a lot about the foundations of
English so there will be a lot of ‘old-English’ reading.
{ Sort of dreading that part a bit but hey it’s experience }

I can’t wait to get started I know it will be rough at first but I’m sure I’ll get into a good routine
I can’t wait for my second semester where it’s going to be more about American and British
history πŸ˜€
Oh, I also got a weird looking goodie bag from the bookshop and I got myself some
new notebooks too.
What does your semester look like? If you are a student that is…

Monday mumbles

{ The cutest summer dress and two cute headbands and a pack of very needed hair pins! Pretty much my August shopping..}

❀ 01. The thing about summer is… That you tend to become really busy and absent from your blog. No? Wait is that just me? Maybe. However that’s what has happened. I’ve been so busy with putting all my focus and energy into the course I was on and then there were parties and picnic’s. August has basically just flown past me. I still feel like it’s July and I’m about to begin the course but it’s not July and in a week I’m about to begin my first semester of my under graduate degree. I AM SO EXCITED lol!! But I am, I can’t wait to begin and even though I know there lie a lot of reading ahead and a lot of sitting at the library for many hours, I still just can’t wait to get started.

❀ 02. I promised to tell you guys about a get-together thing I was at. Well it’s a little thing called Ecuadan. Ecuadan is basically Ecuador and Denmark dragged together in one word and it’s a gathering of Ecuadorians who live in Denmark, smart huh? I went once when I was 14 and I forgot all about it since. But since we live in a small world I got to know some people who are from Ecuador and they invited me to come this year. So I gladly accepted the invitation and I went with my friend Anita. My father couldn’t come since he was working πŸ™Β  It was so much fun and I had a blast. It was great to meet a lot of Ecuadorians and half-lings like myself and most of all it was fun to speak and listen to Spanish. Admittedly I don’t use Spanish enough as I would like to so it was a treat to be there. Oh and we had Ecuadorian food as well… So yummy! I am definitely going next year that’s for sure and I think Anita wants to come again too heehee

❀ 03. It’s my Birthday soon! Just wanted to share that. Every year is different for me and by that I mean that sometimes I look really forward to my Birthday and other times I couldn’t care less. But this year I look forward to it. I sort of like the number 22 it has its charm. I’m planning to host a small gathering with my family and one with my friends where we go out and drink too. That’s always cozy!

❀ 04. So what about you guys? How has your summer or August been like? I’ve tried to follow the news as much as I can and I can’t believe NYC closed their subways. Isn’t that a first in a million years :P? Or is it just me. I hope people are okay after the hurricane or well ‘tropical storm’ as it got degraded to. Last Friday I was out and I got in around 6 am and I awoke an hour later to orange light outside my window. I was so tired but I got up to check it out and my gosh we had a storm too, not as severe of course but the cars moved a bit and the tree was lying down horizontally… Was rather scary! But since I was pretty wasted I just went back to bed. I hope you’ve had a good August yall!!

Twenty-two days of silence

I’ve been rather busy lately and this is photo sort of explains one of the reasons!
Β I took this photo yesterday with my crappy camera on my phone when I was on my
way home from my first intro-day at UNI! { This is a part of my campus }
A part from me being busy with figuring things out with UNI I’ve had a couple of
exams to study for. I don’t know if you guys remember but I was doing an intense-turbo
course from mid july till mid august and I’ve just last Friday finished it.
I got the best grade ’12’ in the oral exam and I’m still waiting for the result for my
written exam. Ugh I’m a bit nervous. I hope I’ll get the answer soon!

I’ve also been hanging out with T and I’ve been a bit sick too. It was such a silly thing
that got me sick. I had a tiny piece of corn from some bread stuck in my throat, I could
actually see it with a flashlight and that had somehow infected my throat and I got
really swollen and I could hardly swallow let alone breathe, it was really uncomfortable.
It made my body shot down but after a couple of days with a lot of fruit, tea and sleep
I was back on track again! But darn’ I gotta learn to chew the bread properly..
This weekend I’ve also been to a get-together thing which I will
write more about tomorrow or the day after. I have another intro day at UNI
tomorrow, so I might be knackered when I get home. We’ll see!
Have a good night xx

Monday mumbles

{ Oh my I look so unhappy! Ps. I’m dressed cause’ I thought I felt well enough for school, I was wrong }

❀ 01. I’m sick or well I’ve got cramps that have been killing me pretty much all weekend. I’m not sure why they are so excessive this time around. It’s been a while since I’ve actually been in that much pain because of it. I used to get real powerful cramps when I was younger but they have become better with time but now it feels like I’m fifteen again. I’m sitting here writing down my mumbles, drinking a cup of tea, waiting for the pills to kick in so I can go and try and sleep again. Word being try

❀ 02. I’ve got ONE week left of this course I’m on at the moment I can’t believe that time has gone by so fast! I’ve been so busy with all the homework we’ve gotten, it has been rather intense but I’ve really liked it at the same time, { I’m gonna go through the work for today later when I feel a bit better. } Next week I’ll have an oral exam and the week after that I’ll have a written exam. It’s actually the 19th of August that I’ll have to be at the written exam which is the last day of the Fresher’s trip. I’m not sure how it’s gonna work but I guess I’ll have to go home the day before!

❀ 03. Getting in to the University feels freaking good! I just can’t describe how thankful I actually am for getting in to something in Copenhagen, I’m all smiles and jolly. { A part from the obvious pain I’m in from the cramps lol… } I have already accepted it, of course, and I chose a picture for my new student ID. I just realized that this means I need a lot of new notebooks I only have one left and I’m using it already for this course, and I need some new pencils and ooooiiiii! There’s a lot. Oh my… Well it is just minor things but still, it’s needed. And then there are books, I do wonder when I get the list of books that I need to buy. Oh well time will tell πŸ˜‰

❀ 04. I’m looking forward for next weekend a lot and the weekend after that for that matter. This coming Friday a new aquentance and friend, Nadia, will come and crash and she’s bringing her computer. Oh yes people a girl-nerd-night! It’s gonna be super cozy. Then on Saturday my sweet baby sister is coming for movie night at my place. We’re gonna nom popcorn and watch disney movies, oh just my kind of night! { I love Disney movies } The weekend after that my friend ‘T’ will come and I can’t wait to see him πŸ™‚