You Are My Happiness

Hi! I have so so so many pictures and some videos to go through and I’m working on the ones from Italy at the moment.  But here is one of my favorite moments with Chris ❤

Italy – Part I

My journey begins with a ferry ride from Denmark to Germany. At 05:00 am in the morning we all got up, we being my mum her boyfriend and his daughter Ida. So we were all pretty tired and I was a little over tired since I didn’t sleep much that night cause I went to bed very late. (typical me!) We ate breakfast at the ferry and stopped to get lunch somewhere along the freeway. We slept at an Inn in Germany. Next stop was Parma in Italy, another place we were going to spend the night.

All pictures above are some I took in Germany

SocialVibe – A charity website

Okay so I have just now added a new widget (you can see it at the sidebar) which is a free charity website. I know it sounds too good to be true that you can actually do free charity work but let me explain how it works in my words.


– Basicly what you do is you click on the small banner in my sidebar and then another window will pop up. Then, and here is how it works, you can presented by different adverts where you have to answer a couple of questions or watch a video or something like that. And when you have done that the company who’s advert you just saw/read will donate to the charity I am supporting.

Who does the charity go to?

– On you can make a profile/user and chose whatever cause YOU would like to support. By clicking on my banner/widget in the sidebar you are supporting World Wildlife Fund. I am all in for helping our nature and animals thus I picked this cause :>


How can we know it’s not a scam?

– Well I guess you can never be 100% sure but my own experience is that this is ‘real’. I have received some bracelets from them and some stickers as a thanks for helping out. Before I supported WWF I supported ‘Save the polar bears’ and that cause reached it’s goal not so long ago. WWF will reach their goal pretty soon as well, after that I will change my banner to support another cause! If you want to know more about Socialvibe I suggest you go to their blog here or their website here.


If You’re Looking For Gorgeous

Eva Mendes

I have always admired her a lot, well always as in the first time I saw her in a movie which I think must have been in “Once Upon A Time In Mexico“. I think she is one of the worlds most gorgeous women cause of her beautiful curvy figure and of course her face. I know a lot of guys fancy her cause she is classified as hot which I will agree with but when I look at her I see beauty and also a different kind of Latina which intrigues me. Well maybe Latina is too much but she is half from Cuba as far as I know. There is some sort of grace about her which I think is rare to see in these days from actresses. Eva basically seems very committed to her job as an actress and seem less focused on fame, maybe that’s just my take on it none the less I like it.

I fell completely for these photos above and I just had to share them with you. They were taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott I really like what they have done here. I found them whilst I was reading an article about her online from WMagazine.

I have a couple of “Icons” I adore and Eva is most definitely one of them! And who doesn’t wish for a booty like Eva’s? Hell I would love that haha ;D Most of my Icons are women who in different ways have inspiried me and one woman I am a little bit some would say obsessed with is Audrey Hepburn. There are no one as graceful as Miss Hepburn. I will most definitely post a blog with some other of my icons at some point. Eva Mendes Inspires me with her so very perfect figure and hair!


“It’s fun to be a woman. It’s fun to flirt and wear makeup and have boobs.”
Eva Mendes

The Hills Are Alive…


….With the sound of music! I can gladly tell you that I am working on my photos from Italy and from the rest of this summer. I have now uploaded them all. Soon there will be a lot of blogs with pictures and tales from Italy! I can’t wait to share them all with you guys! This picture I took in Germany (above) made me instantly think of “Sound Of Music”. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie so until I have all the photos ready for you all you can enjoy this classic!