What I Got For Christmas 2017 🎁

The title sort of explains what this post is about, and I think you either love or hate these kind of posts. Personally, I love reading them (and watching them on YouTube) as I find them cozy and somehow inspiring! However, I get that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that some might find these posts boastful. I don’t write these posts with that aim or intend, I just want to share what I’ve gotten for Christmas and express my gratitude. Because, I am very thankful! 

The Week Of Three Christmases

This year (well… last year) was a triple Christmas year, meaning I had three Christmases basically. You see, ever since my parents got divorced when I was a kid, I celebrate Christmas with my dad (usually) on the 23rd of December. Then, of course, it was Christmas eve on the 24th where Matt and I went to my godmother’s place with my mom and that side of the family. Lastly, on the 25th we traveled to England to celebrate Christmas with Matt’s family.

Banana Pancake Recipe

Most of us know that it is important to start the day with a good and healthy breakfast. I’m not always great at remembering to eat breakfast, but having good and easy recipes on hand definitely helps. This banana pancake recipe is just that; delicious and easy to make! There are of course a lot of different ways to make banana pancakes, but the recipe I am using is from the lovely cookbook “Spis Tarmen Sund & Tab Dig” by Stine Junge Albrechtsen.

Monday Mumbles

English house

 01. Hello everyone! This is the first Monday Mumbles of 2018, granted it is not the first Monday of the year. I actually started this year in England with Matt and his family. We traveled back home on the first Wednesday of the year, and I’ve since then been slightly busy with work and other bits. So I didn’t really have the time to sit down and blog, until yesterday and today.