About me

I’m a twenty-something girl from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am half Danish and half Ecuadorian. I live with my English boyfriend Matt in a small flat in Copenhagen. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Organizational Communication from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). And I am now doing my master’s in International Business Communication at CBS. I spend my days trying to balance my studies, work, volunteering and my “social life” (which honestly involves a lot of gaming, blogging (duh) and TV-show + movie watching haha). I enjoy eating good food, especially home cooked, but I also love going out to restaurants to try new things. I also quite like shopping, especially for makeup, skincare and interior. I love travelling (with Matt) and seeing new places, it puts my mind at ease. My life changed somewhat back in May 2015 due to this, which has changed the way I look at the world. My main goal in life is simply to live it and have no regrets, because life is too short for that.

About the blog

This blog is what I would call a personal Scandinavian lifestyle blog. I started blogging in 2007 on another domain, and on October 24th 2009 I created this space. I mostly share fun bits and pieces of my life here. That includes anything from movie reviews to travelling, to my ‘Monday Mumbles’ where I share my thoughts and update you on my daily life. I also do the odd makeup or skincare review now and then. However, there will also appear some more serious personal posts too once in a while. If you’re new to this blog I’d recommend taking a look at my travelling tag, simply because this is one of my favorite categories. I take most of the photos myself, and if you would like to read more about the cameras I use, please check out my faq page. If you’d like to get an overview of my older posts please visit the archives.

Let’s connect

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter Facebook and Snapchat (all @leahsephira). Are you a gamer? In the ‘gaming world’ you can find me on Steam and BattleNet. If you wan’t to connect on the latter please send me an email.


I currently do not have any affiliate links. I do sometimes work with ‘sponsored posts’, and when I do it will be clearly stated in the beginning of said post. Any items that have been sent to me by brands/PR companies, will be shown with a * next to them. I will only accept collaborations that I deem appropriate for my blog, myself and my readers, and I will always be completely honest when reviewing products/brands – If I don’t like something, I will tell you (and vice versa).

Please contact me should you have any questions.