• Finding The Princess In Me!

    I got the boxes today where I can pack all my stuff down in. And at the same time today is a happy day for Sweden, their crown princess is getting married! I am a bit of a closet royal-wedding-lover I love watching the red carpet, gazing at their beautiful dresses and oh the wedding itself… The wedding is always so beautiful, I remember when our crown prince got married. Such a beautiful wedding! So now I shall follow Sweden’s crown Princess  Victoria’s wedding today whilst I pack ‘my life’ down in boxes.

    The Crown princess and her to-be husband

  • Done & Done

    My exams are over for this year and I have passed them all :> YAY!! This also means that I finally have vacation. School won’t be back till august 10th I think? I have been extremely busy lately none the less. Last week I have been focusing on my exams and painting my new apartment. Yesterday I went out to get a new couch. I LOVE IT it is so gorgeous and really comfortable I will take pictures when it gets delivered this upcoming Tuesday. I also got a new bed and some things for the kitchen. Tomorrow’s plan is to start packing a few things down I am in a bit of a rush actually…

    You see I am going to Italy next Friday which leaves me 7 days to move myself to my new apartment so the schedule is a bit tight. It’s been hard to look forward to Italy  but now I’m starting to look a lot forward to it. It’s gonna be great and I’ll be behind my camera as much as possible! I’m going with my mother and her boyfriend + his daughters, oh and it’s to Tuscany by the way : D
    Ps. I’ll try and find some pictures of the apartment I think I have some on my phone!! xx

  • Ehm… WAUW!!!

    I had no idea that this technology would come so soon. Tho’ I guess the wii console should be shouting that it was on its way but THIS is just incredible. I now see I have to get an xbox. Of course it may not be as cool as this video shows it to be but still, it looks like it will be fantastic. Im excited!! : D

  • Chris Monster :D

    Chris: Why do you hate my Cookie Monster shirt?
    Me: *silence*
    You should post a blog about my amazing shirt
    Me: Oh really? Fine I’ll make a blog.
    Chris: You probably shouldnt.
    Me: You cant back out now

  • New Bracelet!!

    I saw this wonder in another blog some weeks ago and at first I thought it was from some fancy store and I couldn’t believe it was from H&M when I read further on. I tried to look for it in the stores but it was sold out so many places :< Then yesterday I was SO lucky to see one hanging there, all alone. It was clearly screaming to be bought by me. Welcome to my collection gorgeous

  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


    Unfortunately I am in Italy when it comes out :<