• 4 Minutes

    Remember this? Such a catchy pop-tune.

  • Right Now


    I am trying not to pack too much. This time will be the time I don’t bring everything!

  • Monday Mumbles


    ❤ 01. Summer has arrived and all my exams are over. Halleluuuuujah! Happy holidays all around

    ❤ 02. GIVEAWAY WINNER: I haven’t, due to exams and stuff, had the time to announce the winner yet but I shall do it now. *Drum-roll* And the winner of the beginners kit is: “Peter“. Congratulations! I will send you an email promptly.

    ❤ 03. Tomorrow I’m going to Stockholm. Can’t wait to see Richard again. I’ve missed him so. He was here just a few weeks ago for a weekend. We were so lucky with the weather and was out and about the city pretty much all weekend. Had a blast. I hope the weather will be with us in Sweden too!

    ❤ 04. Also The World Cup is here. Not that I care too much BUT Ecuador is in it, at least for now. I do hope they’ll make it further! Do you guys get all into football now that The World Cup is here? Footballcraaaaze.

    Have a good summer all.  ♡  

  • Inspirational Words #1


  • Happy Home

    This song is based on a poem the singer Lukas Graham wrote when his father died.
    I’m in awe of how beautiful this song is. I instantly bought it on Itunes!

  • Upcoming must-see movies #2

    Is there really anything better than watching a good movie? Some may say reading a good book. And yes, books can be great too but there is just something special about a movie. I love when I can simply disappear in the movie’s universe, and at the same time I really appreciate how the director and the entire crew brought it all together. Here are a few movies, that are coming to Danish movie theaters {they may be released earlier or later in other countries} during May 2014 and June 2014, that I simply must watch!

    A Thousand Times Goodnight: In theaters since May 1st

    It seems like such an honest, harsh and inspiring story. I for once haven’t thought about how hard it must be to be a war photographer.  I adore Juliette Binoche and it doesn’t hurt that our own Dane, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, is in it too!

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