This is a scheduled post which I actually wrote/prepared in May. I actually managed to watch five out of the ten listed on the previous list!! Anyway, here are a few movies that are coming to the Danish movie theaters (they may be released earlier or later in other countries) during July and August 2015 which I really want to see!

Magic Mike XXL: Coming to theaters on July 2nd

Eye candy, is purely why’d I’d watch this. The plot isn’t particularly great.

My Gratitude List

I am going through what is the hardest chapter of my life, so far. Never have I felt like I do now. Never did I know my body and soul could contain so much pain. But in this sea of pain and sorrow I have also realized that I have to be thankful for the things that I do have in my life.



1. All the love and support I’ve gotten from family and friends. They have really been here for me and I am so so very thankful for that. I love all of you.

2. Water, and the fact that I can simply open my tap at home and drink straight from it without worrying if it’s drinkable or not. 

3. CBS (my university) and all that follows with it. I’m thankful that I got into the programme I wanted those years ago, and that I am able to do my masters later, well as long as I pass and get my Bachelor Degree of course.

4. The sun, I love the light and warmth it brings and how I can actually feel my body feeling better when I am in it.

5. Blogging. I’ve forgotten how freeing it is to remove some of my thoughts from my head and put them down “on paper”.

6. Tears. I am thankful that I am able to cry because sometimes words just won’t do it and tears are simply needed to express certain emotions.

7. My parents. Although they clearly are part of nr. 1, I am especially thankful to them. They have done so much for me and they always support me through everything. I know I have the worlds best parents and I am so glad I got to be their daughter.

8. My little apartment. It may not feel like home right now, but I am thankful I have a lovely roof above my head in Copenhagen. 

9. Richard’s Family. They have been, and are, so good to me and I only hope they know how thankful I am for that.

10. Laughter. Although I lately have felt guilty for laughing, I know it makes most situations better. Therefore I am thankful for the ability to laugh.

“If Money Was No Object” Wishlist

Ifmoneywasnoobject wishlist

1. These adorable cat shoes from Charlotte Olympia has been on my radar for quite a while. 2. Such a beautiful and simple YSL card holder in quilted leather. 3. I really want the kitchen aid artisan mixer in the color pistachio, not only is it super practical it looks great too 4. The new 2015 MacBook in space grey both sounds and looks amazing. 5. This gooooorgeous Delsey cabin suitcase looks so sleek, although I am certain it’ll get dirty in no time… 6. I love this smart little cross-body bag from Mulberry, and the color is right up my street. 7. I only recently found out that B&O made in-ear headphones and these ones are cool! 8. After hearing so many good things about Sunday Riley’s Good Genes it has become one of my wishes!

I forgot how fun wishlists are to make. I usually, through-out the year, scribble down wishes if I stumble over something I like. This time I decided to share some of the if-money-was-no-object wishes. Most of them won’t come true right this very moment, I know that. Some may never. But I can always dream and/or save up for it all (one day)! After all these lists are called “wish” lists for a reason.

Monday Mumbles

This is my serious face. I think?

This is my please-let-exams-be-over face.

♥ 01Gooooooood morning! I have happily handed one of my exams in and tomorrow a new 72 hour written exam begins! Hopefully Maiken and I (my wonderful study buddy and friend) will NAIL IT. I’m positive about it at least.

 02. Saturday I went to my mom’s place to celebrate her Birthday. It was good to see her again and my family. Most of all though it was good with a wee break from studying!! I needed that. Also there was birthday cake. That makes everything better.

 03. I do try to squeeze my blog in during the exams – but it’s hard to find the time. Mostly because I sit and write and read all the time so when I’m finally “off” I prefer to sleep, catch up on TV shows or game a little. But hey I wrote this little update didn’t I? #selfpatonmyhead

 04. Richard was here 10 days ago and it was the best of the best of times. I miss him dearly and I cannot wait for summer to come!

I wish you all a happy week! x