The weekend I turned 27

I felt weird about turning 27. Twenty-Seven… I am now in my late twenties. 27. 27. 27! I keep saying it out loud, and I keep feeling weird about it.  Am I supposed to be grown up now? I am not. Not really, not yet. Will I ever be? Do you ever truly feel ‘grown up’? I dont’ know.

The Year 2016

Describe the year with three words

Hectic, Hard and Joyful

It was strangely difficult to pick just three words to sum up my year. But I think these words sort of do… It’s been so hectic with all the exams I had from May-August. It was four long and hard months. Well, that’s one way the year was hard. The first half of the year was hard as well as I was still dealing with a lot of emotions. But 2016 wasn’t just filled with hectic and hard things I also had many beautiful moments, happy moments; especially with Matt ❤️ He brought (and brings) me so much joy and I am just so thankful that I met him. 


Godmorgen derude. Tænk at vi allerede er i midten af januar. Det betyder at de fleste butikker langsomt fjerner alle januar udsalgsskiltene og går tilbage til de ‘normale’ priser. Men derfor skal man ikke gå og tro at man slet ikke kan få en god pris andre steder. For hvem kan ikke lide en god handel? Jeg kan ihvertfald godt lide at finde gode tilbud og deals! Og det kan Dealhunter også.


It’s finally time to share some of the upcoming movies I want to see. I’ve missed doing my little movie research and checking out what’s out there. But I’ve had a lot to do in December and January as I’ve had exams. I did manage to tick of a few movies from the last upcoming must-see movie list . I watched; Deepwater Horizon, Sausage Party, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Storks, Pete’s Dragon and Bridget Jones’ Baby. Here are a few movies in chronological order that are coming to the Danish movie theaters (they may be released earlier or later in other countries) during January and February 2017 , which I really want to see!

A Peek Into: SKAM


Season 3 of SKAM (meaning “Shame”) recently ended. SKAM is a Norwegian series aimed mainly at young adults and teens. However, it has taken all ages in Scandinavia by storm and this includes me. SKAM is something that everyone should see, and that everyone somehow can connect to in one way or another. One of my favorite things are how they use different camera angles and mixing the smartphone screen into the picture too. SKAM speaks honestly about many subjects other TV series wouldn’t as easily go near. Subjects that are very much linked to our time. Also, they have managed to include such a cool soundtrack which matches perfectly to each and every scene.

Life Lately ♡

December, 2016.

Hello and happy new year! Can you believe it’s the 10th of January already? Time sure flies, I feel like it was just new years eve. My December month was pretty busy. I was sick with the flu and I had exams. It was slightly stressful to be honest. But I made it to the other side, and hopefully I passed my exams as well (I haven’t gotten the grades yet). The day after I handed my last exam of last year in, I travelled to England to spend Christmas with Matt and his family. Then I travelled back home again before new years eve to work on another exam that was due on the 3rd of January. I look forward to December’s with no exams… Come to think of it, I almost don’t remember what that’s like 😆 I also went to the theater to watch this year’s Crazy Christmas Cabaret with my mom and she took me out for a very good dinner before the show too 💗

Got this beauty advent calendar as a late Birthday present from my bae Maiken