Movies in the cinema november december 2017

This is one of my favorite posts to write and it is now time again to share some of the upcoming movies I want to see. I love doing the research for these posts, where I am checking out what movies are out there. I’ve managed to see FOUR of the movies mentioned on my last list.  I’ve seen Thor: Ragnarok, Logan Lucky, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Blade Runner 2049. Here are a some movies in chronological order that are coming to the Danish movie theaters (they may be released earlier or later in other countries) during November and December 2017, which I really want to see!


Monday Mumbles

♥ 01. It’s almost November and I think that means me and DJ (one of my best friends) need to plan a walk in the forest. I absolutely love going for walks in forests during autumn, it is just beautiful.

Monday Mumbles

♥ 01. Last Friday Matt’s family came over to visit us for the weekend. I had such a nice weekend with them, and although I didn’t get to spend the entire weekend with them I know Matt was really happy to see them. I can’t wait to see them again in December, where we will go to ‘Jule Tivoli’. 

Happy Birthday Dad ❤️

Back in April my aunt sent me these photos of my dad and I. I love these photos, they make me so happy inside. My dad means the world to me! He always has (and always will). He’s also one of the coolest people I know and I admire him a lot. Today is his Birthday and as such I wanted to share these photos of us.


Feliz cumpleaños papa