#Studentlife: 5 Tips for studying for exams



What do you have to read today in order to have read everything before the exam? Plan something as a minimum even if it’s just ten pages, ten pages is better than nothing. I always tell my study buddy what today’s goal is when we meet, and if I’m by myself I simply set a goal for myself.

I can breathe again


Or well, just today. Tomorrow it’s go time once more.

I just handed in my Bachelor thesis this morning. I can’t believe I did it, I mean I did it. I wrote it. I finished it! I wrote 57 seven pages. FIFTY-SEVEN. Although that’s including appendices I still wrote all of that. The actual assignment is “only” 35 pages. I’m sorry not sorry to be that person but… I am so proud of myself! I have had so much to deal with this past year, and I am still dealing with things, but I pulled myself together and did this. Now “all” i have to do is to defend it in a few weeks, and pass! I hope what I’ve written is worth a decent grade.

The emotions of exams

I found a bunch of gifs (moving images in case you don’t know what a gif is) that basically sum up some of the emotions you go through when studying for exams. Or just how you can generally feel in the exam period. At least these are some emotions I’ve gone through at some point *insert smiley*


Ain’t Your Mama

(Photo credit: Vevo Jlo)


Guys have this tendency, once they love you in the beginning and you’re the hottest woman on Earth,
and then all of a sudden, it’s like, ‘Okay… where’s my food?’ It’s like, ‘What!? Are you kidding me? Take me out!
What are you doing right now?
” – Jennifer Lopez (see interview here