• Monday Mumbles


    ❤ 01Pneumonia you say? I have had pneumonia for basically all of February. It actually began in late December but it didn’t fully attack me until February. I was SO sick. Was basically knocked out for over two weeks. Today I feel good again, or well… A lot better at least! I still cough quite a bit

    ❤ 02. I am counting the days till’ I go to London in April. I am so excited!!

    ❤ 03. I have finally started taking my drivers license! It was so scary to drive the first time. I was SO nervous. But now, after driving a few times, I feel a lot better and I really like it. It’s a lot of fun! I’m obviously still in the learning phase of it all, but I love it. And my teacher is great!

    ❤ 04. Uni is going just fine. I literally have the weirdest class this semester. I don’t think any of us (in the class) understand why we really need it. And especially why we have so many hours of this class compared to how little we have of some of the others.

  • Little things

    littlethings vases
    {My jars from Summerbird filled with deliciousness. This year I’m trying to always have flowers in my home. }

    little things cars
    {These little cars  in my windowpane are from Ecuador. They are miniature versions of the originals}

    little things legal e
    {Possibly the class I am most excited for this semester}

    little things sponge
    {My sponge from Real Techniques. Who knew a sponge could be THAT good?}

  • My god-sister turned 18


    Photo heavy post incoming! (and a video) 
    I still feel like it was yesterday I was playing with Barbie dolls with Ida-Marie. How is she 18 already? Two weeks ago I was at her 18th Birthday Party. What a lovely night! So glad I celebrated her with the rest of her, and some of my, family (even though it was in the middle of my exams). Such a great and cozy night, I hope she had a blast. We also stayed for the next morning to help make brunch for the Birthday girl, on her actual Birthday! It was such a cozy weekend. Throwing much love out there to my god-sis 

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  • Monday Mumbles


    ❤ 01. Goooood morning out there! (Yes I am drinking a night time tea for breakfast) How is it already February? January literally went by like *insert sound of snapping fingers*. I was, like many other students, super absorbed by my exams during January. This semester was harder than the previous ones and I am so thankful for my amazing study group. They made it all so much better. I am done with third semester and tomorrow will be the first day of the fourth semester.

    ❤ 02. This semester seems really interesting. I am really looking forward to my Legal English class and Corporate Communication class. I am heading to the library today to begin my studies for exactly those two classes and two others. I usually prefer studying at the library vs. at home. It’s also quite motivating seeing all the other focused people around me. Definitely a tip if you have a hard time studying at home!

    ❤ 03. Did I mention I am going to London in April? Well I am. It was a Birthday present from my mom. I am so stoked!! I haven’t been in London since I was thirteen or something. Can’t wait to see the city again – as an adult.

    ❤ 04. Something else that I am really excited about this week is that I will be visiting a few different driving schools. It is time! Time to learn to drive. I can’t wait to begin :)

  • Cozy Days


    It’s Sunday evening. Almost midnight by now and the weekend is over. I’ve had such a lovely weekend with Richard. We really didn’t do much at all. We just hung out, slept in (till ten), went to the movies, ate good food, had some nice drinks, went shopping for Rich and had lunch with my roomie Katrina. I need more weekends like this!

    I snapped a few photos of Richard and Katrina. Gotta love those two nutters 

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    Hello there! DJ (who you can see above) and I decided a few months ago to meet up once a month to cook something new. Something we have never tried cooking before, or at least something one of us has never tried making before. We’re gonna take turns.So each month one of us decides what to make, buys all the ingredients for the recipe and the other one simply shows up – ready to cook! Read more