Early Sunday


I really do like spending Sunday’s relaxing and sleeping until it’s at least 09:00. This is not one of them Sunday’s. Today I got up at 06:30 to get all my laundry ready. When you live in rentals in Copenhagen you often (not always) have a shared laundry room, which means you need to ‘book‘ a slot to do laundry. And I was admittedly out a little late with ma’ laundry room booking, which unfortunately resulted in me having to do laundry from 07:00-09:30 on A SUNDAY 😐

Vacation, not vacation.


This week is the official autumn break for all preschools and high schools in Denmark. Most universities, if you’re lucky, takes a break here too (usually the professors plan the semester this way so they’ll catch a break as well). It is somewhat wonderful to have this mini-break, but it isn’t that much of a break really. I am a little behind on reading in two classes (I have four) and as such I am now catching up. On Sunday I will have caught up, at least that’s my plan. I realize it is my own fault that I am behind, but I think most university students knows that you sometimes have to pick and choose which classes are most important to make sure you read everything for. Sometimes you can skip a few articles, or chapters and still be able to understand the lectures. At least that’s my experience. Technically I could read everything, but that means having zero time for friends, boyfriend, work and other social activities – and to be honest… Those things are important to me too. It’s all about priorities. 


September, 2016.

Oh busy busy September, you were interesting! This month I properly started as a volunteer for “Natteravnene” and I spent last Sunday taking a first aid course with some of the other colleagues from the organization. Although I took a first-aid course last year, I am honestly so glad that I took one more. You can never learn too much, right!? September was also the month my Master’s studies started and it’s been such an eye opener. The bar has been raised! It’s definitely harder than the Bachelor’s degree (which it should be!) but somehow that surprised me a bit haha. Anyway, I like it!

Also can we talk about the weather? Like, it has been so freaking warm this September I almost thought it was July… Rather confusing and I must admit that I got tired of the ever-changing weather in the end. I’m so glad that Autumn has finally arrived which means Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner 😀 In the beginning of September I graduated and got my diploma, after the graduation I went to have dinner with my mom, dad, grandma and Matt. I would have had more family members but we were only allotted a certain amount of seats at the graduation ‘ceremony’ so that limited me a bit.


You can just spot me in the back of the crowd next to my Bae Maiken 😀


August, 2016.

The first week of August I got really sick (with the flu) and it was also the week I had exams. I was stresseed AF to say the least, and as I had a written sit-in exam I also had a temperature of 39 I was very tired that day. I was so scared that I would fail, but I pulled through and I even got some nice grades. At the end of that week I went to England to finally relax and hang out with Matt. It was a much needed vacation. I really needed that. Anyway, I didn’t do that many things other than being sick and travelling to the UK 😛  Here are a few photos from August (I will put together a post with more photos from my vacation in England soon)


Flying to England

Monday Mumbles


01. Good morning guys! I just woke up with a crazy amount of cramps, of such a scale I haven’t felt since I was a teenager almost. Could barely walk, wth!? So I popped two painkillers in hope that the pain will disappear soon. I am going back to bed to rest a bit (I was actually up at 7).


July, 2016.

July was pretty busy for me, mainly with summer university. I had two classes and it was tough, really interesting, but tough and very intense. Matt’s family also came over for a weekend and we explored Copenhagen together, it was super cozy! I also went to Beyoncé’s concert with my bestie Dj, what an amazing show!


I spent most of my time at CBS during the summer…