C o l d


It really came out of nowhere. No idea where I ‘caught’ the virus or bacteria or whatever it is. But overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday *BAM* I woke up with a cold. And today it’s no better, not muuuch worse either a part from I this morning woke up with a sore throat too. Oh I really hope it goes away soon. I had plans this weekend which I’m no longer able to do, at least not all of them. I was supposed to bake cookies with my sister… And that is NOT gonna happen. Just imagine all of my germs on those cookies haha. ICK!

Anyway, I just felt like complaining and also giving a little update. On a more positive note I have been enjoying opening my advent calendars. I’ve got a lovely one from my mom and one from my bae Maiken. 💖

I hope you guys are having a better week ✌️🏻


antique-door-226770_960_720 spons16

Jeg har nogle gang tænkt over hvad jeg ville gøre med min lejlighed hvis jeg ville læse et semester i udlandet, eller hvis jeg nu fik arbejde i udlandet i et år eller to. Hvordan ville jeg finde en god lejer som man kan være hel tryg ved? Jeg synes ihvertfald det er lidt utrygt at tænke på at en fremmed skal bo i ens lejlighed når man ikke er tilstede. Udlejning af lejlighed er ihvertfald ikke så lige til når man står og skal ordne det hele selv. Det er så her et firma som Homeconnector passer perfekt ind. Ikke nok med at de kan hjælpe dig med at finde en lejlighed hvis du står og mangler et sted at bo, så kan de også hjælpe dig med lejlighedsudlejning. Homeconnector har nemlig en professionel side for udlejere, hvor man trygt kan finde den perfekte lejer der opfylder alle ens krav. De sørger for at lave en god screening af lejere, og tilbyder udover en obligatorisk udlejningsaftale blandt andet en administrationsaftale. I administrationsaftalen kan man f.eks bede dem om at være kontakt person for udlejeren så man slet ikke skal have noget med lejeren at gøre, hvilket da er super smart og dejlig let! Derudover tilbyder de også rådgivning igennem hele forløbet.

Monday Mumbles (On a Tuesday)


♥ 01. Good Morning. Yesterday I’ve been starting to plan what to read and how to go about it for my first exam which is in a few weeks. I’ve also been eating M&M peanuts as my grandma gave me a huge bag of them. Today I will be doing the exact same. I had planned on posting this yesterday but time just flew by and I forgot about it. 😁

15 Very Cheap Iphone Cases


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Half of September my Iphone was without a cover as my last one sort of broke. My last three covers have been from the brand ‘SkinnyDip’ and I loved them all. However, SkinnyDip is a bit pricy for an item that breaks semi frequently and I figured I’d just opt for something else this time. Hopefully this post will inspire someone:)  Oh, and I personally ordered the snowwhite cover and it is now on my phone – it’s soooo cute.


My blog turned Seven! (+giveaway)


Technically, it turned nine.

On October 24th 2016 my blog turned seven. Well, technically I have been blogging since 2007, however I didn’t buy my own domain until October 2009 and my first post was on the 24th. So, therefore I’ve decided to “count” its Birthday from that day. Happy Birthday little blog! I don’t think I have ever done a Birthday-blog-post before but I sort of felt like doing it. I also felt like sharing the love and giving away a little present.

Five Films To Watch During Halloween 2 ★


This is a rather sinister tale of teenagers ‘playing’ with witchcraft. Sarah starts at a new school in L.A and as she search for new friends a girl named Bonnie comes along and decides that Sarah should join her witch’s coven, whose leader is the quite mean Nancy. In this coven they cast spells to get even with ‘mean’ people in their high-school but then their spells begin backfiring in very dangerous ways. Although The Craft doesn’t necessarily take place at Halloween this is definitely a good movie to watch during Halloween (or you know late October).