• Sugar

    It’s Saturday. Here’s a happy song! (and video)

  • Sunday

    I’ve actually felt slightly productive (at least creatively) on this Sunday. I got up fairly early, made some breakfast and prepared some for my exam on Friday. Then I did my weekly cleaning of the apartment and since this afternoon till now (10:00 pm) I’ve been working on ideas for a new blog design. I really do hope these ideas will come to life! Oh…I also drank tea.


    Man this mug looks massive!

  • An Urban Decay Splurge


    I was lucky enough to get two Naked3 Palettes for Christmas. I decided to return one of them and buy some other products for its worth (I also had a few other duplicates to return). I knew I wanted a new foundation and a new black eyeliner. I ended up buying four products in total… 

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  • My December in photos…

    IMG_6283 IMG_6285 IMG_6318 IMG_6329 IMG_6379 IMG_6386 IMG_6445 IMG_6486 IMG_6521 IMG_6557 IMG_5808IMG_6638 IMG_5742 IMG_5777 IMG_5789 IMG_5801 IMG_5820

    I spent my December writing exams, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows, supported a children’s foundation by buying a balloon, going to family lunches, creating Christmas decorations, played Uno with my sister, flew to Stockholm, ate good food, nurturing my curls and being sick. That was pretty much my December.

  • Last Nights Movie: “Before I Go To Sleep”

    Before-I-Go-To-Sleep-2 Before-I-Go-To-Sleep-Trailer IMG_0019.CR2 IMG_0124.CR2 IMG_7072.CR2 Mark-Strong-and-Nicole-Kidman-in-Before-I-Go-to-Sleep-2014-Movie-Image

    Imagine waking up everyday with no memory of the last fifteen years because you were in an accident… You don’t know who your husband is or who you really are. This thriller really messes with your head, which I find quite entertaining.

  • The Birds and The Bees Talk

    Oh my! It was quite fun to watch the parents tell their kids how babies are actually made… I love the kids reaction. Some of the answers the kids give really does amaze me.